Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Finding The Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

June 20, 2023

The shape of someone’s face typically comes up when discussing makeup, contouring and highlighting. However, it is also important when choosing flattering cuts and hairstyles. It can be confusing to know what hairdressers mean when they talk about face shape in relation to hairstyles, so we will break down what it means and which hairstyles best suit which face shapes.

About Your Face Shape

Generally, there are six face shapes. These are heart-shaped, diamond, round, square, long and oval. You can look in the mirror or measure your face to find its shape. It is important to understand that while it can apply to anyone, face shape in relation to hairstyles typically applies to women with strong features that they want to highlight or downplay.

Those with heart-shaped, long, square or round faces have fewer options than those with diamond or oval faces, as Bristol hairdressers can pick from numerous hairstyles for the latter group.

Oval Faces

Women with oval faces can look flattering in almost any hairstyle, and it is just a matter of visiting a Bristol salon and asking a hairdresser to advise you on what they think will look best. That said, blunt cuts, side-swept bangs and long layers work well for ladies with this face shape.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces look best with hairstyles that draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Bangs and medium length to long hair are both great for this face shape. You can also get an appointment with a hair salon in Bristol for a cut that will leave your hair falling just below your shoulders.

If you have this face shape, avoid short hairstyles and those with a fuller volume, as they will emphasise your forehead.

Square Faces

Hairstyles that soften the corners of the face while also being fuller on the sides work great for this hairstyle. You should also consider layered cuts and waves that soften your face’s angles.

Round Faces

Long and chin-length bobs, long bangs and layers that frame the face work incredibly well for this face shape. Consider an angular front and longer hair if you want to elongate your face. People with this face shape should avoid creating width on the sides as that softens their features further.

Diamond Faces

This face shape is similar to a square face, but people with it have higher cheekbones and pointed chins. Longer hair and soft fringes will help soften the angles, and it is a good idea to avoid styles that accentuate your jawline or draw attention to your eyes. Textured shags, side-swept bangs and long layers also work well for people with this face shape.

Choose What Looks & Feels Best

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the “rules” around face shapes and hairstyles. Many of these rules are more like suggestions and guidelines, and you can always ask Bristol hairdressers to show you what would work best with your hair, face shape, personality and other important considerations.

We all consider different things when choosing hairstyles. These considerations include length, colour, texture, and other factors. One that is overlooked is the face shape, as some hairstyles look better on some face shapes than others. Do consider hairstyles that go well with your face shape, as those will be most flattering.

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