Steps To A Cozier Home This Winter
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6 Steps To A Cozier Home This Winter

October 7, 2021

To truly enjoy the winter period, you need a cozy home. What else would fluffy blankets, toasty fires, and hot chocolates be other than to help wash away the bitter season away for warmer months. With these six steps, you ensure your home provides all the seasonal comforts you need.

1. Keep The Cold Outside & In Control

Your main objective is to keep the cold outside and the warm inside. No matter how many fairy lights you have, it won’t be comfortable enough until you ward off the chill. The best way to keep it warm inside is to turn the heating on, but you should also think about insulating your house better with double-paned windows.

Remember to keep the windows and doors closed, too – it makes a huge difference! Also, if your area tends to get a lot of snow, look at some snow blowers so that the snowfall doesn’t completely take over your drive. Ensure you can easily get off your driveway in the worst weather hassle-free with the right tools. Gain back some control during the winter months and don’t remain trapped in your home.

2. Blankets & Cushions

Blankets make anywhere feel cozy, so be sure to place them all around your home, including on the sofa, on the armchair, at the end of the bed, and anywhere else you often relax. Cushions are a cozy stable, too, as they provide that extra touch of squishy comfort.

3. Seasonal Scents

The way your home smells has a huge impact on the overall atmosphere. To really get in the mood for winter, then, you should invest in some seasonal candles like pumpkin, pine, and cedarwood. Don’t underestimate the effects of natural home smells, too! The scent of a home-cooked evening meal can be enough to instantly make you feel warm and comforted, even on the bitterest of days. Just imagine coming in from the icy cold to smell a beautiful casserole that’s been cooking in your slow cooker all day long.

4. Warm Colors

Warmth comes from more than just the temperature. Using warm colors for your wall paints and furniture will instantly make a room feel cozy – perfect for battling the cool iciness taking place outside. Go for oranges, reds, and yellows for this effect.

5. A Large, Fluffy Rug

A large, fluffy rug is an instant room-improver. You can choose from a large range of patterns, ensuring the rug fits the overall aesthetic of the room and boosting its appearance. The appearance isn’t the only benefit, though – the rug will help keep the heat in better, ensuring more warmth during the cold winter nights. Plus, the feel of a fluffy rug under your feet is far better than cold hardwood!

6. Soft Lighting 

Soft lighting is much kinder on the eyes. With a range of soft, layered lighting, your rooms will feel much warmer, cozier, and more relaxed in time for winter. To achieve this, use a mixture of floor lamps, table lamps, fairy lights, wall lights, and candles. Consider using warm light bulbs too for an even warmer effect.

By using these six steps for a cozier home, you will enjoy a much better winter this year.

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