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7 Hotel Booking Rules To Live By On A Business Trip

November 3, 2021

Where you stay during your business trip matters. Your hotel determines how well you’ll sleep every night. Plus, it helps if the environment is conducive to preparing for a presentation.

The location determines how quickly you’ll arrive at meetings, appointments, and seminars too.

When you travel to a new city, complete some due diligence beforehand. Veterans benefit from some booking rules as well.

Here we explore seven hotel booking rules to live by on a business trip.

1. Find Hotels That Cater To Business Clients

Many hotels have a niche. Some cater to tourists. Others cater to a high-end clientele including executives. For the businessperson, consider hotels situated in financial districts, near companies, and adjacent to trade areas. 

These accommodations have the amenities employees traveling for work require on the road. Office equipment, conference, rooms, and reliable internet access are some examples.

In addition, these establishments regulate noise and other disruptions more closely. Thus, you will obtain a good night’s sleep before an important meeting and remain alert during a training session. 

Traveling for business is an exciting task. It also comes with wear. While you travel, you represent your company. It’s not a vacation. Thus, you want to ensure that you maximize your rest and downtime when your schedule allows.

The best hotels offer convenience, efficiency, and technology to their corporate clients. 

2. Comparison Shop

Even business travelers benefit from hotel rate comparison shopping. Several travel websites provide current rates and availability information. In addition, some offer discounts for booking through their platform.

These discount travel sites provide an easy way to complete due diligence, especially if your trip takes you to a new city. When a last-minute trip falls on your lap, the discount sites become the best resource for last-minute discounted travel options.

Keep in mind that it’s important to stick with reputable travel sites. The internet remains a great information resource. However, travel scams occur too. Hotel Engine offers a guide to help you avoid travel scams.

3. Mind Your Safety

Hotel rates reset daily. Based on availability and the season, rates fluctuate. Finding a great rate at a nice hotel is a find the accounts payable department will appreciate. 

Finding suspiciously low rates at hotels you don’t know too well requires more research.

While you travel for your company, it’s important to remain safe. Avoid walking and driving through questionable areas outside of business hours. In addition, reconsider hotels in areas that live in higher crime areas. 

Your company will appreciate paying a slightly higher rate to keep you safe.

4. Stick With One Chain

Frequent travelers benefit from giving their business to one chain. McDonald’s is an example of a successful global brand. It remains superior because it provides the same quality food across the globe. Other companies adopt the same mindset because it benefits their bottom line.

The relationship between a consumer and business provider is one of giving and taking. A goods manufacturer and service provider delivers outstanding products and services in return for a price.

Hotels like airlines require reservations to help them fill empty seats and rooms more easily through marketing and promotions, which costs money. 

If you stick with one chain, you benefit from consistency. Plus, you develop a business relationship with the brand.

5. Earn Your Loyalty Points

A perk of business travel is the number of loyalty points you can accumulate. Since flights and hotel reservations remain in your name, you receive the points.

Loyalty programs earn members benefits such as prompt check-in, free amenities, and last-minute booking.

Over time, you also earn discounted room rates, free nights, and free upgrades. 

6. Download Their App

A few years ago, websites made people’s life easier. In 2021, it’s all about the apps. Applications complement websites. Plus, they have better functionality. A website has turned into a tool that disseminates information. Apps allow users to track their spending, submit forms, and book travel.

Traveling with your smartphone is a given. This electronic device is a computer you can carry in your pocket.

By downloading your favorite hotel’s app, you can check in, book your room, and make requests.

7. Keep An Alternative In Your Back Pocket

Even though you remain loyal to one chain, keep an alternative in your back pocket. Things can shift suddenly. 

A change in management, construction, or remodel can put a snag in your travel plans. 

Request a hotel referral from your colleagues in their hometowns or cities they frequent. It helps to book a new hotel when you arrive with a referral from one of their loyal clients.


Traveling for business means staying at hotels for the duration of the trip. It’s possible to make hotel accommodations comfortable by following some rules. Develop a relationship with one chain to obtain the best rooms and rates while earning loyalty points. Consider the accommodation’s area and look for hotels that cater to corporate clients.

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