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9 Disney Themed Items You Need To Create A Magical Apartment

March 25, 2021

The four Disney World theme parks welcome some 58,311,000 “magic seekers” through their gates each year.

But maybe a seven-day Orlando/Epcot vacation doesn’t fully scratch your Disney itch. Or the childhood nostalgia for Winnie the Pooh, Beauty and the Beast, and Mickey Mouse runs that deep through your veins.

It’s time to bring the magic home!

Here are nine Disney-themed items you need to create a magical apartment:

Walt Disney Welcome Mat

Are you a loud and proud Disney fanatic? Then, why not shout it from the rooftops (or hallway floor) with this traditional Walt Disney Welcome Mat?

Give your guests a taste for what’ll greet them on the other side of the door:

A magical wonderland that Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella only dreamt about.

And lavish in the new friendships you build as your neighbors catch sight of this simple and nostalgic doormat (you’ll hear “I love Disney too!” quite a bit).

Disney-themed? Check.

Practical? Also check!

This low-profile and skid-proof mat will also absorb shoe gunk and tracked-in snow on days the heavens break loose and a Florida trip is off the table.

Jack Skellington Shower Curtain

It might spook you during your first few 3 a.m. bathroom trips. After all, a skeleton doesn’t make the best welcoming crew as your eyes are still at half-mast, and your mind is hazy. But this Jack Skellington shower curtain set is every Nightmare Before Christmas fanatic’s dream come true!

This Tim Burton-era decor can add some mysterious pizazz to a bland, colorless bathroom in desperate need of a Disneyfied look. This classic 72” Jack and Sally polyester shower curtain is easy to install on a bare rod. It comes with 12 plastic hooks and sturdy reinforced grommets.

Not sold? No problem.

The final “nail in the coffin” that’ll get you screaming, “I need that!” is the matching moisture-proof bath mat to finish off the look.

Disney-Themed Kitchen Sets

Notorious for being the least decorated room in an apartment, don’t think your kitchen has to remain completely Disney-free.  When we say there’s Mickey-style kitchenware for everything, we mean it!

Like …

No magical apartment is complete without Mickey. He’s arguably the most popular and lovable animated character since his inception in 1928.

Aloha Isle Refreshments Wall Sign

When your Disney World escapades include a visit to Aloha Isle down in Adventureland (and they always do), you’ll board your plane home reminiscing about those delightfully sweet DOLE Whip treats.

Let’s bring those memories back!

This tiki-style Aloha Isle Refreshments sign is the perfect addition to any wet bar or DIY drink serving area. Wow your friends with this rustic aluminum sign. Don’t forget to pair it with tiki totem figurines, bamboo, and a hung hula skirt to double-down on the Hawaiian flair.

Aladdin Flying Carpet Rug

There’s no Disney scene quite as memorable as Aladdin and Jasmine soaring on his magic flying carpet while belting “A Whole New World.”

If you spent your childhood rewinding that Aladdin VHS to rewatch the flick, then this Aladdin-inspired magic carpet is for you!

Unroll this rug into your “itty bitty living space” to protect the hardwood floor from scuffs and add some blue and gold accents to your living room. Plop a vintage-looking coffee table on it (with a golden genie lamp sitting on top, of course) to remind your guests that old-school Disney is the best Disney!

Disney Mickey Mouse Neon Light

Nothing ruins the magic quite like blinding, bare light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Unless, of course, you venture off into the cobwebbed horror corner of Disney fandom (a la Hocus Pocus or Return to Oz).

But for a more light-hearted and inviting brightness, try this Disney Mickey Mouse Neon Light (for the wall) or Acrylic Cartoon Mouse Ceiling Lamp.

The design possibilities are endless.

Hang it at the foot of your bed in a cramped bedroom if you think waking up with a smile is the best way to start the day! Or replace the kitchen ceiling light with these playful Mickey ears (and add a red bow if Minnie is your gal!).

Disney Pixar Up House Wall Clock

Are you more a new-age Disney fan where Pixar movies run your Friday movie nights?

Then you’ll love these two Disney-inspired clock options:

Hang these clocks as lovable accent pieces in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom! They both offer the perfect splash of color and remind you to host a Pixar binge-a-thon when the withdrawal strikes.

Disney-Inspired Scents

If you want the full, themed apartment experience, it’d be silly to skip on the Disney-inspired scent collection by Magic Candle Company.

Every candle lover’s online heaven, the product line-up also infuses enchanted bath fizzies, fragrance oils, wax melts, and more!

Experience Jack Sparrow’s high sea adventures with Pirate Life. Enjoy the tropical Polynesian fragrances featured in Moana. Or step foot into Walter’s Office with the spicy tobacco and rose-scented aroma.

Captain America Shield

The Marvel and Disney Universes may be lightyears apart. But no Disney-themed apartment is complete without authentic superhero memorabilia. Like this collectible from one of Marvel’s most thrilling action flicks.

This 24” Full-Scale Captain America Shield is the finishing touch you didn’t know you needed.

Prop it against the wall on your dresser alongside your Avengers neon LED sign and Mjolnir (don’t be afraid to geek out!). Or frame the shield and hang it above the TV to go full-force on movie night.


Imagining your at-home Disney wonderland is easy — majestic castles, Mickey ears galore, Marvel superhero memorabilia, and authentic Disney World signage.

But short of roaming every department store aisle, only to leave empty-handed, finding Disney home decor in stores is a challenge.

Here are our go-to shops for Mickefying apartments with Disney merch:

  • Target (a whole collection!)
  • The official shopDisney site
  • Kohls
  • Walmart
  • Hot Topic

Of course, if vintage Disney decor speaks to your soul (reference fully intended), look for retro 1970s and 1980s era items on eBay.

As Walt Disney would say, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” So, stop talking about a Disney apartment and start doing.

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