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A Guide On How To Find The Right Property Manager

July 7, 2020

A property manager is a landlord’s best asset. You might have heard how this professional can be a boon to the property owners who can’t handle the day-to-day dealings of owning a property. They prefer to hand the reigns to someone experienced and knowledgeable in uplifting the property’s value.

This is the reason why hiring a good property management company makes sense. While you sit back and earn, these companies will handle all the tedious tasks like talking to the tenants, or writing a rental listing, etc.  for you. However, finding a reliable property management company isn’t as simple as that. One wrong decision, and it will cost a lot of money.

To help you make the right decision, below is our guide on how to find the right property manager:

Learn A Bit About The Business

One way to ensure that you hire good property management services is to learn the business yourself. This helps you know what needs to be done or what is the best way to do it. It will also let you know if the property manager is doing his duty properly. Furthermore, it also allows you to spot the issues before they become big.

Ask For Recommendations And References

Just like an employer checks the employee’s references before extending an offer, the property owners need to check the company’s references. Remember, no property management company or leasing agency in Utah is going to tell you that they’ll charge you a lot and not fulfill any promises. It’s your job to ask for recommendations.

Don’t hesitate to contact the property owners who are currently working with the company you are considering. Ask them about the quality of the services the company offers. Check if they have ever had any issues with the company. If yes, how the company resolved those issues.

Check Their Qualifications

A property manager you are going to hire should be a licensed professional. There are several requirements a property management in Utah needs to comply with, which vary from state to state.

You can call the National Property Management Association to know the rules and regulations for your area. No matter where you live, they must be knowledgeable professionals who know how to act on your behalf to lease or manage your property.

Ask Questions

Do you want to make it even easier for the property management company and yourself? Make a list of expectations you have for the company. This way, there won’t be any unexpected surprises in the future, as you have already outlined their duties.

It is not uncommon for the property management companies to not answer honestly. So, it is necessary to ask a few questions and ensure how they handle the issues. Ask how they carry screening of the applicants.

You can ask about their staff or the number of units they are currently managing. It will help you know if they can also grow if they grow. Determine their process for dealing with tenants or maintenance requests. Also, make sure that they have experience handling the evictions.

See If They Have Good Communication Skills

During the hiring process, see how quickly they respond to their calls. It is better to ask beforehand how long they typically take to return to the emails or calls. Also, they should have good communication skills.

Choose a company that understands your expectations and puts your needs first. If you think they are more interested in your money than providing a good service, look for another company that will keep your needs first. Remember, if they don’t listen to you before you hire them, they won’t get any better after being hired.


These are some of the points you must consider while hiring a property manager. Hopefully, you will be able to make an educated decision.

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