Cannabis Safely For Medical Purposes

A Guide To Using Cannabis Safely For Medical Purposes

January 22, 2024

Cannabis is becoming increasingly accepted in the UK for certain medical uses. Recent changes to regulations mean specialist doctors can now prescribe medical cannabis products for conditions like chronic pain, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. However, using cannabis safely and effectively takes some care and consideration. Here is some advice.

Talk To Your Doctor

If you feel medical cannabis could help manage your symptoms, the first step is to discuss it with your GP or specialist consultant. They will be able to advise if it may be suitable for your condition and can refer you to a specialised private clinic if appropriate. Do not try to self-medicate with recreational cannabis.

Obtain Properly Sourced Products

Once you have a private prescription, you can legally obtain quality-controlled medical cannabis products in the UK. Independent pharmacies can dispense medicinal cannabis on prescription. Only use properly sourced, regulated medical products. Street cannabis often contains dangerous contaminants and unstable levels of active compounds. Buy the accessories you need too, such as papers or bongs from a Bong Shop or headshop like

Start Low, Go Slow

Cannabis can affect people very differently depending on factors like your metabolism, other medications and medical history. Always start with a very low dose and increase slowly over time, under medical guidance. Keeping the dosage low reduces side effects and allows you to find the most effective dose for symptom relief.

Choose Your Method Wisely

There are several methods to take medical cannabis, each with pros and cons. Common options include oral capsules, sublingual oils and vaping. Capsules provide convenient, consistent dosing but can take over an hour to take full effect. Sublingual oils or sprays act faster as they enter the bloodstream directly. Vaping has the most rapid onset but research on its long-term safety is limited.

Keep Track Of Effects

When starting medicinal cannabis, keep a symptom diary recording the effects and any side effects you experience for different doses and products. This helps you and your doctor determine what is working best to manage symptoms with minimal adverse effects. It also highlights if tolerance builds up over time, requiring a dose adjustment.

Avoid Operating Machinery

Most medical cannabis products can impair coordination, concentration and decision-making, especially when you first start taking them. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery if you are affected. Be aware that even minor doses can accumulate and impact your ability to react quickly in an emergency.

Use Daily At First

For many conditions, it is recommended to take cannabis-based medicines regularly every day initially to build up a steady level of compounds in your system. Once you establish the most effective routine for managing symptoms, your doctor may adjust the frequency as appropriate. Consistency is key when finding the right regimen.

Combining cannabis medicines with other drugs should only be done under close medical supervision as interactions can occur. Always discuss openly with your doctor about any other medications or supplements you are taking. Also, inform them about your alcohol intake as combining alcohol with cannabis increases impairment significantly.

While medical cannabis offers exciting therapeutic possibilities for several conditions, doing so safely requires care and patience to find the right formulations and routines that deliver symptom relief with minimal side effects. But under proper medical guidance, it can provide life-changing benefits for some patients in the UK.

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