Early Signs Of Dementia

Early Signs Of Dementia To Look Out For In A Loved One

October 24, 2022

When the early signs and symptoms of dementia are spotted and treated, this can make a huge difference to how the condition progresses. With somebody developing dementia every three seconds around the world, this condition is something that anybody who cares for an elderly relative should be aware of and know how to spot. Some of the early signs that somebody might be developing dementia include:

Memory Loss

Memory loss issues are often one of the first symptoms that somebody is developing dementia. However, that being said, most people do suffer from some natural memory loss as they get older, and their brains are not quite as sharp as they used to be. Some memory loss might be no cause for concern, but if your relative is really struggling, and showing other signs of dementia, it might be time to consider moving them to a facility where they can get professional support such as this memory care facility Town & Country. You may notice that your relative often forgets information they have just learned or repeats themselves often as they forget what they have just said.

Trouble Completing Everyday Tasks

Forgetting how to do everyday tasks that they have been doing for years like making a cup of coffee, locking the front door or getting to the grocery store can also be a sign that somebody is developing dementia. You may notice your relative having trouble doing things that they have never struggled with before, or completely forgetting how to do tasks that they used to do easily every day.

Language & Communication Issues

People who are in the early stages of developing dementia might demonstrate some trouble with language and communication. You might notice that your loved one has started to take figures of speech literally or that they have forgotten the meaning of simple words. They may struggle to join conversations, or you might notice that they often stop talking mid-conversation as they have forgotten how to keep it going.

More Confusion

Another sign to look out for is if your loved one is becoming more confused than usual, especially when they are in familiar surroundings. For example, they might visit your home and forget where they are or get scared when they are somewhere that they normally go to on a regular basis or forget how they got there. It is not uncommon for them to easily lose track of the time, dates, and even seasons and they may have more trouble understanding something that is not happening in the moment.

Depression & Mood Swings

Depressive symptoms and unexplained mood swings can also be one of the earliest signs of dementia. If your relative is developing dementia, you may notice that they are reluctant to socialize, have a negative outlook on life and no longer find joy in doing things they used to like. They might get upset easily and have panic attacks or increased anxiety.

If you are caring for an elderly relative, it’s important to understand the risk of dementia and know what early signs to look out for.

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