Activities For A Restless Mind

Activities For A Restless Mind

May 20, 2021

Do you find it challenging to keep your mind present? Do you find yourself worrying and thinking about a thousand problems at once? As humans, we tend to worry about issues that we often don’t have control over, leading to anxiety and a busy, restless mind. Both can be exhausting on your psyche, and sometimes we need activities to calm and distract a restless head and keep our mind in the present moment. From crocheting to cooking, there are several activities that can help to keep your mind focused.

Flow State

If you find your mind is busy and restless, it can feel hard to sit in the present moment and relax. More often than not, the natural response is to turn to a smartphone and start scrolling, which ultimately perpetuates the problem. Flow state activities are an excellent remedy for this. A flow state is losing yourself in the present moment; it is an activity that requires you to concentrate and get into a rhythmic state that calms your mind. A person in a flow state focuses at their highest capacity and has no time to worry about anything else. Knitting and crochet are great examples of flow state activities—both require you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Knitting & Crocheting

Embarking on an activity like this will undoubtedly distract you from any restlessness you might be feeling. Furthermore, knitting is an activity that you can reap the rewards from. You can use knitting for sitting and unwinding while making yourself that jumper you always wanted. If you have never tried knitting before but are looking to calm your mind, why not consider giving it a go. All you will need is supplies and a good pattern. Explore crochet supplies London for everything you might need. You will find that once you get going, you will not be able to put it down.

Mindful Cooking

Cooking is another activity that will put you into a semi-flow state. It can be highly relaxing if you focus your mind on the task at hand. Furthermore, cooking is exceptionally sensual, lighting up at least three of your senses, which will help ground you and your body into the present moment. So, when you next approach a meal, try to ground yourself by using your senses. Ask yourself: What can you hear? What does it taste like? What can you smell? How does it feel to chop the ingredients?

All these questions will bring a busy mind to the present. The rhythmic nature of cooking will also help soothe and calm any restlessness you might have since you have to concentrate; otherwise, you might burn yourself or break a piece of equipment.


Coloring has become increasingly popular with adults since it is known to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. When focusing on a simple, creative, and cheerful activity, you can keep the mind busy while not promoting any new negative feelings. It helps keep the mind focused, alert, and relaxed, which is super essential for a busy, restless head.

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