Ben Mallah

Ben Mallah: The $250,000,000 Real Estate Mogul

March 31, 2020

Ben Mallah is a self-made millionaire who came from rags to riches. He is a real estate mogul who has built his empire from scratch. He likes to buy old houses and sell them at higher prices.

Ben Belongs to a low-income family and likes to spend most of his in Newyork projects.

He quitted his school when he was 14 and started doing odd jobs from being a messenger to office work. At age 17, he joined the army.

His childhood was not like healthy children who enjoy their life by playing. He lived in slumps that were surrounded by criminals. He raised by a lunatic mother and spent his childhood in a shitbox bungalow.

His uncle convicted for a conspiracy for distributing hard drugs in New York. Mallah didn’t follow his uncle’s footsteps; even people make fun of his miserable condition. The army enlisted him; this was a chance of his going off the violent city he was living for many years.

People go through the hardest conditions of their lives and learn so many valuable lessons from it. Even these lessons cannot teach by textbooks.

Ben Did Everything Opposite What His Parents Did

Ben’s parents set good examples of what he should not do. When your life is full of difficulties, you can help you to shine up and set good standards for others or to be the inspiration

Your difficult time even is your inspiration to touch the heights of your life. No one likes unsuccessful people rather than their parents and loved ones; everyone values only money success.

Ben bought that wasted material that nobody wanted and fixed it up. After fixing, he sold it with the double price and gained profits from refinancing and buys other stuff. It looks quite simple to do, but it takes a lot of effort, big balls, and tremendous determination.

How many people keep the courage of buying an empty house and converting it to the costliest one? There are many opportunities in your business area that others do not want to take, or it seems a difficult task for them, or whatever.

Ben suggested that we should not choose an easy road but instead go after the worthless and make it priceless.

Many of today’s entrepreneurs want to earn money from their comfort zone, but this doesn’t work. If you’re going to accomplish something in your life, then you have to face real-life problems to get paid.

Getting things quickly in life, then those don’t give the feeling of accomplishment or self-satisfaction.

If you are in real estate, you have to live it, breathe it, eat it or dream it and will be your life.

Mallah’s story of a self-made millionaire is quite inspiring. He raised from rags to riches and conquered the world of flipping real estate. It gives us a valuable message that our childhood is not a shadow of future success. What defines you is your hard work. So keep going.

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