Effective Forms Of MMO

The Most Effective Forms Of MMO In 2020

July 23, 2020

What Is MMO

MMO (Make Money Online) is becoming more and more popular, leading to the emergence of many different forms of MMO making, both good and bad. In this article, I will introduce to you “5 forms of making MMO most effective in 2020”. These are all long-term and sustainable forms that are used by most people.

MMO stands for Make Money Online. The meaning of the word MMO is quite wide because as long as you are taking advantage of the online environment to make money, you are doing MMO. That’s the reason why in this article I will show you 5 prominent forms of MMO that many people are doing now.

3 Most Effective Forms Of MMO In 2020

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a form of making money online (MMO) is considered to be the most reputable and sustainable today. This is also a fairly accessible form for beginners because of a number of benefits:

  • No need to own products or services
  • No need to care about shipping and customer service
  • Flexible working time and space. All you need is an Internet-connected computer/smartphone
  • Initial capital is very low, only a few dozen dollars, or even free, many options. Many suppliers with lots of different products, goods, and services are displayed on affiliate networks for you to choose. Of course, the commission may be more or less depending on the product and the supplier

With this method, you can look to affiliate-networks (for example, ACCESSTRADE), register, and promote products of sellers through channels such as social networks, websites, emails, chatbots, etc. You will be provided with separate affiliate links for each product. When buyers click on that link and buy the product successfully, you will get a commission.

In short, your job will be: Create product links => Promote => Receive commissions. And of course, the key task is “marketing”.

The better you promote, the more people know about the product and purchase, the more commission you will earn. Many people have earned desirable income up to dozens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars each month through this form. The typical faces we can mention are millionaire bloggers such as Pat Flynn, Harsh Agrawal, Chris Lee, …

Some basic skills that you can initially apply, are:

  • SEO
  • Create a website
  • Run ads (Google, FB)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Marketing

The advice for you is to be patient, hard to learn and hone the skills carefully. The reason is because, making money online with Affiliate Marketing has tremendous potential when it brings very high performance compared to other forms of marketing. Small and large businesses with all kinds of goods and services in the world deploy affiliate programs more and more. That means the opportunity opens up for you also more and more.

2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping simply means “sales skip shipping”, is a form of business or trade in which you are a retailer but do not have any goods in stock. When customers buy goods, you will transfer the order to the supplier and ask them to deliver the goods to customers.

You will not have to worry about shipping or inventory issues but focus on product marketing, order tracking, and customer care. The profit you will receive is the difference between the price placed by the supplier and the price which you sell to your customers. He/she is called the Dropshipper.

You simply buy at a cheap price and sell at a higher rate. The difference you earn depends on your product type, marketing skills, and Supplier search skills. It can be up to several hundred% if you have good skills. And normally a profit of 30-60% is acceptable.

Steps to implement Dropshipping:

  • S1: Find products, choose suppliers, negotiate with them about price, method and shipping time (This step is extremely important, deciding 80% of the campaign’s victory)
  • S2: Select a sales channel (Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, … or your own website)
  • S3: Customers will enter your store to purchase and pay via Paypal account, Payoneer, or a pay gate specified by you.
  • S4: You use the money that customers pay for you, contact suppliers to buy goods, and ask them to ship the product to customers.
  • S5: Supplier packaging, shipping goods to customers. They will send tracking information for your convenience to track orders and customer care.

Advantages of this form of making money online are:

  • The initial capital is very low, even zero. As you develop the system, the cost will increase, but still much lower than a traditional business.
  • Flexible, suitable for beginners to do MMO.
  • No need to worry about inventory issues, storage costs, renting stores, etc.
  • Commissions received immediately after completing each order. No waiting for 3rd party review.

3. Cryptocurrency

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, you’re probably thinking of investing in Bitcoin or other types of altcoins. Or buy machines to dig these.

However, there is another form that does not need much capital and has a lot of participants, which is “Trade Coin”. This is the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies for a certain period of time to make profits, instead of long-term storage.

For example, the price BNB (Binance Coin) you bought last week was $ 10, this week it was up to $ 15, you sold, so you get $ 5 profit per BNB. Many people buy and sell in large quantities, such as 1000 or 2000 BNB, the bigger the profit.

However, this is the case when the price of coins rises. If the rate of coins decreases when you sell or have to sell, it is considered a loss that you lose your money. So when buying, do not pick randomly for any coin. There are 3 common methods:

  • Data analysis (Must be learned)
  • Follow the news (Buy the rumor sell the news)
  • Following the signals of experienced people (Even having to spend $ to buy signals)

But keep in mind that with the money market, there is no absolute formula foe everyone. Each person has their own tips for trade coin, but it is rare that they want to share widely. The advice for you is that starting with a small amount of money, not greed, hurry when entering the world of CryptoCurrency.

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