Live Streaming Platforms For Businesses Like 0123movies
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5 Best Live Streaming Platforms For Businesses Like 0123movies

March 13, 2020

A decade ago, it was unthinkable for the businesses to support live-streaming in-house. However, with the rapid pace of change, today, it’s unthinkable not to boost your marketing efforts via a good live-streaming platform.

A live video strategy engages the viewers better than other social media formats. Customers nowadays expect video at every stage of the consideration process. 80% of the audiences prefer watching live videos from a brand rather than reading a blog. By 2024, around 91 million subscribers will be using live video streaming. With these numbers in mind, marketers are investing more in live streaming.

Thus, live streaming is no longer a novelty; it’s changing the way brands interact with the audience. It’s creating a buzz all around and has become one of the most effective marketing tools to reach the customers and spread the word for a brand.

However, researching for an up-to-date live streaming platform can be quite overwhelming. You are looking for a professional live streaming outlet that complies with your needs, has all the necessary features, and won’t break your budget. Let’s discuss the five best options you can consider:

1. 0123movies

0123movies is the best live streaming platform; you should give a try! It is free to use an online streaming outlet that provides users with high-quality content anytime, anywhere. Though it doesn’t have ads that segment throughout the movie, there are occasional pop-ups only. You can leverage these pop-ups for advertising your products and services and reach the targeted customers.

The users don’t require to enroll or enter credit card details to watch the motion pictures. They can find a huge database of events, TV shows, and movies from various genres. Visit the website, search the movie, select the language, and start streaming for free! Some of the features are:

  • HD quality content
  • Minimal amount of ads
  • Good collection of video content
  • Easy user interface

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is an all-in-one solution to live streaming content and video hosting. No matter what the strategy or infrastructure is, Vimeo offers multiple solutions to help marketers get what they need through a video. This platform features an online dashboard for creating and distributing content. Moreover, there are options to do things like, utilizing custom hardware and software, embedding the stream into your own website, etc. In short, it’s a versatile platform for marketers who are looking to customize their options.

Some of its features are:

  • Single sign-on authentication
  • Live production services
  • User-level analytics
  • Enterprise support and account management
  • Custom hardware and software available
  • Uptime guarantees

Besides, if your business demands advanced features, such as IP restriction and geo-blocking, API access, simultaneous streams, etc., Vimeo Livestream can help!

3. Brightcove

This live streaming platform is useful for large businesses. It divides the product offerings into different categories, including video player, OTT flow, video marketing suite, etc., with Video Cloud as its hosting platform. It supports monetization, includes an all-screen player, and a functional analytics feature. Also, it’s simple to use and is integration-friendly. Some of its amazing features are as under:

  • Branded video galleries
  • Domain restriction
  • Video analytics
  • Token-based REST APIs
  • HTML5 all-device video player
  • 24X7 customer service
  • Advertising and monetizing

4. IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video is exclusively useful for the enterprise streaming market. It provides customers with access to streaming services, such as storage, cloud video, and GPU computing. It runs through an online video program called the streaming manager. Here, you can manage, upload, or create live, as well as on-demand content. It features:

  • Social playback
  • Cloud transcoding
  • Worldwide delivery via CDNs
  • HTML5 video player
  • Video sharing for corporate communications

5. DaCast

If you are searching for an easy-to-operate live streaming platform, DaCast might be e great option to choose. It offers OTT, as well as live video streaming across all the smart devices. With DaCast, you can use Akamai live streaming CDN to reach audiences across the globe. Religious community networks, TV stations, sports leagues, corporate enterprises, media companies – all utilize this platform for their broadcasts. You can also use this ad-free, white-label, and well-renowned platform for broadcasting live events, behind-the-scene videos, etc. Its features are:

  • Analytics dashboard
  • HTML5 all device video player
  • Video APIs with sandbox, documentation, and code samples
  • Monetization
  • Video delivery via Akamai

To Sum Up

Though there are social streaming options, such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Periscope, they aren’t viable for long-term video marketing strategies. If your purpose is more than just going live to an external audience, you need to invest in more robust platforms like the ones mentioned above. Go through the options and find what suits your video needs best.

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