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Best Work From Home Products To Set Up The Essentials

July 14, 2021

Working from home is a sweet deal. No worries about what to wear, who to impress, or even facing traffic rush hour.

However, it does come with its own set of challenges, such as keeping yourself on task without external accountability.

Having your home office set up with all the essentials definitely helps improve your odds of success.

This list of work from home products will have you feeling like a boss (even if you aren’t the actual boss):

A Laptop With All Your Bells & Whistles

When it comes to your work laptop, you should have a top-notch piece of equipment. But that doesn’t necessarily mean every available option.

The idea is to purchase a laptop that delivers on your personal and professional preferences. Determine what features are essential in a laptop and then find one that checks all those boxes.

You may need a laptop with long battery life if you do much of your work off-site. You could also benefit from a laptop that is thin and light.

Perhaps you have extensive documents to save. In that case, you’ll need a computer with plenty of storage.

There are so many PCs to choose from, and it can get overwhelming. TechRadar’s list of best-rated laptops for business provides quick pros and cons of each item to get you started.

Once you’ve chosen your laptop, you will need to fill your computer with all the right software.

Of course, no business computer is complete without the Microsoft Office Suite. You also want to ensure that your laptop has all the best remote software tools for business.

A Chair You Love To Sit In

Since you’ll spend hours sitting at your desk, you can optimize your comfort with a great office chair.

Everyone has different pain points when it comes to sitting for prolonged periods.

Here are a few things you will want to consider when purchasing your office chair:

  • Coccyx pillow
  • Lumbar support pillow
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Footrest pillow

Don’t forget to take note of what type of fabric covers the chair. The best is a feel-good fabric that is breathable, washable, and soft.

It can be hard to find an office chair that has the correct type of fabric. If you are struggling to find it, you may want to opt for a chair cover instead.

An Adjustable Desk

While most people prefer sitting to do the bulk of their work, sitting for too long can be uncomfortable and not great for your health.

If you have an adjustable desk, you can move from sitting to standing and continue to work.

A few things to consider when finding your adjustable desk are:

  • Whether you want L- shape or straight
  • How much built-in storage you want
  • And the right size to fit your home office.

Ideally, you will find a desk that fits these preferences and is lightweight but durable.

An Ergonomic Mouse & Pad

Developing carpal tunnel from typing without proper wrist support is a common risk for those who WFH.

To prevent this, you need to get an ergonomic mouse and mouse pad to keep your wrist supported.

This reduces your chances of developing carpal tunnel and keeps your hand from cramping or getting tired.

The right mouse should feel good in your hand. It should be the right size and shape for you specifically.

The Right Headset

To make work calls while you move about, you need to have a wireless headset.

It needs to be secure on your head and noise-canceling since you may have some background noise at home.

Make sure you buy one with a built-in speaker.

A Handy Planner

To keep your work tasks organized, you need to invest in an excellent daily planner.

The right planner will have plenty of space to write in all your daily to-dos. You have a choice of using a horizontal, vertical, or bullet layout.

Popular choices for work at home planners are the Clever Fox Planner and the Happy Planner.

The Do-It-All Printer

You don’t want to leave your home to perform everyday office tasks such as making a copy or faxing a document. What you need is an all-in-one printer.

The addition to your home office of this do-it-all piece of machinery will make your work life much easier. It should have the ability to copy, scan, fax, print photos, labels, and brochures.

This printer should be able to do everything any printer can.

Your Own Personal Assistant

You don’t have to hire a helper. All you need is Google!

A Google Nest is a great addition to any home office. It can help you to remember things, play music, and even make phone calls.

You can tell it things like, “Hey Google, remind me to call Joe at 10 am tomorrow.”

Lo and behold, at 10 am the next day, Google will remind you to call Joe!

The Perfect Coffee Set-Up

There’s nothing better to get the day started right than the perfect cup of coffee. You can’t have the perfect cup without the perfect setup!

Set up your home coffee spot with the right mug, your coffee brewer of choice, cream and sugar if you please, and a mug warmer for your desk.

A Cord Organizer

Every home office will come with a lot of cords. Keeping these cords organized can take away a lot of the headaches.

You should have an extension cord with multiple plugins to ensure you don’t run out of outlets. Using labeled clips can help you quickly identify which wire goes to which electronic device.

Whenever you can, go wireless. This can include your mouse, lamps, and even your phone charger.

A Few Little Comforts

Sometimes, it’s the little things that help you get through the day.

You can add the comfort of a desk fan to cool you down when things get heated. An essential oil diffuser can provide aromatherapy to destress or to energize, depending on the formula.

Of course, it is also crucial to have a personal water bottle nearby to help you stay hydrated!


After you’ve set yourself up with the essentials, take some time to make your workspace your own. Add some style and a personal touch with some artwork hanging on the wall and a couple of knick-knacks that inspire you.

It’s much simpler to get work done when your home office has all the conveniences of an actual office and looks professional to boot.

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