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The 5 Best Eucalyptus Sheets Of 2020

June 23, 2020

Many people face issues staying cool while sleeping. It’s actually one of the most common reasons for a poor night’s sleep. That’s probably why Eucalyptus sheets have become incredibly popular. The best eucalyptus sheets are not only cooling but also eco-friendly, super soft, and temperature regulating. Besides, their high breathability lets people sleep comfortably on these amazing bed sheets night after night. Here we have done the groundwork and come up with the list of the top five eucalyptus sheets to help you choose the best among the rest.

Best Overall: Sweave’s Eucalyptus Luxury Bedding

Quality sleep starts with quality sheets! That’s what the company believes and strives hard to make the sheets extra soft and comfy. Sweave’s bedding is really soft and perfectly cool. It’s also non-shiny and non-slipper unlike all other Eucalyptus sheets out there. They accomplish this by adding Egyptian Cotton to Eucalyptus. Most people know Egyptian Cotton as the highest quality cotton out there. The end result is phenomenal. That’s why recommend Sweave as having the best eucalyptus sheets on the market. Starting at a reasonable price of $99, you can’t go wrong with them. They also offer a 100 night free trial so you can always return them if for some reason they don’t work out!

Sweave has gained immense goodwill for exceeding the expectations of the customers. It has been featured in Forbes, People, Yahoo, Refinery29, and more.

Runner Up: Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets

The next company we have added on our list is Buffy. It has been providing eucalyptus sheets that are super soft and cool-to-the-touch. These breathable sheets are from 100% eco-friendly eucalyptus. Since these are OEKO-TEX certified, these are free of any harsh chemicals.

Furthermore, the demand for these sheets is skyrocketing because these are easy to care for by machine washing.  These bedsheets get softer after every wash.

Also Consider: Molecule Percale Bed Sheet Set

Do you love cotton bedding? The molecule bed sheets are perfect if you do not want to switch to eucalyptus or Tencel completely.  The machine-washable sheets are made from a blend of Tencel lyocell and cotton. In order to keep people comfortable all night, these 300-thread count percale sheets are moisture-wicking.

Also Consider: Brookstone BioSense Tencel Sheet Set

While searching for 100 percent, single-ply cotton bedding, high thread count matters a lot.  Those looking forward to a company that sells sheets with eucalyptus-derived fabric and a higher thread count can choose Brookstone.  The 500-thread count sheet keeps people comfortable all night because of temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties.

Also Consider: Owensby Deep Pocket Tencel Sheet Set

Last but not least, Owensby’ Deep Pocket Tencel Sheets comes with a pocket depth of 22inches and provide silky-soft comfort for larger beds. These sheets are hypoallergenic and made from 100 percent Tencel, along with a 300-thread count.  The breathable sheets have a look luxurious because of their slight sheen. The durable sheets are available in various shades, such as white, tan, ivory, and gray.

The Endnote

That was the complete list of best eucalyptus sheets that are known for their quality, durability, and price. With all that in mind, people can choose the sheet best suited for them. Though all have gained a reputation in the industry, Sweavestands out from others. Our research concludes that Sweave offers the best cooling sheets out there.

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