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Can Dogs Eat Prunes?

April 11, 2020

You might have heard that raisins and grapes are poisonous to dogs. What about prunes? Is it safe for dogs to consume prunes? Find out your queries about dried plums by reading this post.

Are Prunes Safe For Dogs?

You must be wondering, can dogs eat prunes, or is it harmful to dogs. Yes, your pet can consume prunes. Prunes are fresh, dried plums, and it is safe for the dogs to consume the flesh of the plums. It is not poisonous like grapes and raisins. It is recommended to give a small number of prunes to your pet because the massive amount can cause gastrointestinal upset in the dogs.

Prunes are loaded with fiber and contain a high amount of sugar. One pitted plum includes 3.9 g of sugar. Excessive fiber can upset the stomach of your pooch, and too much sugar can invite cavities and metabolic problems.

If you want to share some dried plums with your pet, give one or two, which is not harmful. Otherwise, he might vomit and suffer from diarrhea after consuming a heavy amount.

You can also provide him plums instead of prunes. You should remove the pit because it may contain traces of cyanide that are harmful to your pet. Now you have got the answer of “can dogs eat prunes,” but what about prune juice?

No, prune juice is not safe for dogs as it a well-known remedy for constipation in humans. Generally, dogs don’t have the issue of constipation, so there is no reason to provide prune juice to your pet.

Benefits Of Plums & Prunes To Dogs

  • Dried plums contain 69.5 mg of potassium, which is good for nerves, muscles, and enzymes of your pet. It helps to keep strong muscles in your dog.
  • A gram of prunes contains 7 percent of soluble and insoluble fiber, which promotes healthy digestion in dogs.
  • Prunes and plums are iron-rich fruits. Therefore, it can prevent anemia because of their iron content in the dogs.
  • The Vitamin A content in the dried plums maintains a healthy coat of your pet. Vitamin is best known for the eyes, but it keeps the potential to support healthy muscles, nerves, and fur.
  • Dried plums prevent your pooch from cancer and other diseases. According to studies, phytochemicals can also prevent high castrol in dogs.

What If Your Dog Got Into The Bag Of Prunes?  

If your dog has consumed the unpitted prunes, take him to the vet immediately, or you can choose the option of induce vomiting. By giving 3 percent of Hydrogen Peroxide solution, your pet can throw up the consumed material. You have two attempts to make him throw up or rush to the vet.

Final Words

Now you know the answer to “can dogs eat prunes,” but it is good advice to not to provide many to the pooch. Prunes are neither bad nor good snacks for the dogs. If you still want to feed him fruits, go for the dried fruits rather than the dried ones.

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