Current Trends In Plastic Surgery

Current Trends In Plastic Surgery

November 18, 2022

Given the current technological advancements, medical practitioners have made huge changes to the plastic surgery field. The current processes are more efficient, with a shorter recovery period than earlier methods. As a result, these procedures have attracted many audiences, both men and women. The following are the common trends in plastic surgery.

Body Lifts

This is yet another common procedure, especially among women. It can be done on the upper body, such as the breasts, or in the lower body, such as butt lifts. The procedure uses various techniques to remove excess fat from various body parts. According to Joel Aronowitz, the body lifting procedures can combine various body parts at a go to give an individual their desired appearance.

These procedures are not complicated, and this has increased the number of people willing to have them done on their bodies. They are common among people who have lost excessive weight and have saggy skin. The plastic surgeon eliminates the excess skin and tightens the remaining tissue to give an individual tighter skin.


The current trend in plastic surgery includes this outpatient procedure performed under IV sedation or anesthesia. The procedure focuses on reducing the labia minora, the skin hanging on either side of the vagina.

In some cases, this skin can become loose or saggy, thus affecting an individual’s self-esteem or sex life. The good news is that labiaplasty has become a common procedure that you can have your plastic surgeon perform. The surgeon would remove the excess tissue and stitch the incisions. The procedure can last up to two hours.

Hourglass Procedure

If you are keen enough on looking at ladies’ pictures online, it’s easy to notice many women flaunting hourglass figures. Some claim to have attained through the gym, but a substantial percentage get such bodies through plastic surgery.

During the procedure, the plastic surgeon performs liposuction on the love handles, abdomen, and upper back to reduce the patient’s waist size. The fat obtained during this procedure is used to enhance the individual’s hip and butt size, thus giving them an hourglass figure.

Breast Augmentation

People have different preferences regarding breast size. Some like large breasts, but unfortunately, theirs cannot grow to the desired size. The good news is that breast augmentation is among the current trends that such people should consider. It represents approximately 20% of plastic surgery carried out worldwide.

The procedure involves fat transfer or the use of an implant. Implants refer to bags filled with silicone inserted under the breast tissue to make them look big. They come in different sizes, and individuals can choose one that fits their preferences. Fat transfer is similar to liposuction. Fat is obtained from different body parts and inserted in the breast to give it the desired size.

When participating in plastic surgery, a surgeon advises on the best procedure for your needs. Hence, it’s best to discuss with them which of the above trends best fits your needs. In this case, the process would turn out successful.

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