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Short Hybrid Nails 2024 – Here Are Some Of The Trendiest Nail Designs

February 7, 2024

Although we mainly associate hybrid manicures with very long nails, they can actually look phenomenal on short nails too – the final effect depends mainly on the idea and the correct execution. Do you want a beautiful design, but don’t want to extend your nails? No problem! Find out how to make yourself pretty and the season’s trendiest colours and designs.

What Are The Benefits Of Short Nails?

Hybrid manicures can be done on both long and short nails, and you can achieve a great style on virtually any length of nail plate. And since the fashion for naturalness has been on the rise recently, you don’t need to additionally extend or grow to enjoy a nice, aesthetic effect. Short hybrid nails also have many other advantages, which include:

  • Convenience – long nails make everyday activities such as housework, beauty treatments or gripping certain objects a little more difficult. This problem disappears with short hybrid nails, which are practical and comfortable. It is also much easier to use gadgets, you can spin slots at without any problems;
  • Less risk of breakage – it’s not uncommon for one of your nails to suddenly break, ruining your entire manicure and leaving you with the question: is it better to glue the torn plate, cut them all off, or maybe leave one shorter? With short nails, you won’t have this dilemma;
  • Easier application of cosmetics – a short plate has the advantage that residue from used hand creams and other care products does not collect underneath;
  • Efficiency – you will use less polish, base coat or top coat on shorter nails, so you have the chance to save money.

What You Need For Hybrid Nails

To do hybrid nails, you will of course need special polishes. In good stationary shops and online drugstores, for example at, you will find many products with a variety of colours – both muted, pastel shades and bold, neon colours. Whichever you choose, always go for products from well-known and proven brands. Try, for example, Semilac Extend 5in1 nail polish. Its intense colour covers the surface thoroughly and does not create streaks. In addition, you can build up the plate or lengthen it in the case of very short nails. This extraordinary product is semi-transparent and completely self-sufficient, which reduces painting time to a minimum, while being durable and resistant to external factors.

In addition to hybrid polishes, you should also stock up on a few additional products to make your at-home manicure a simple and enjoyable activity. These include:

  • A UV or LED lamp – hybrid varnish will not dry on its own, so styling is impossible without this tool;
  • A polishing block – this makes it possible to matt the plate and ensures greater adhesion of the base coat;
  • Nail file – with a good quality file, filing and shaping is very comfortable;
  • Base coat – must be applied directly to the nail plate, then cured, and only then is the hybrid varnish applied;
  • A top coat – applied at the very end of the styling process, this protects the colour and gives it a shiny or matt finish;
  • Wooden chopsticks and pliers – for painless removal and trimming of loose cuticles;
  • Cleaner – a liquid for cleaning and degreasing the plate;

Hybrid Manicure On A Short Plate – How To Do It?

Hybrid nails have many advantages, which have led many women to replace classic nail varnish. First of all, such styling dries much faster, and after taking your hands out of the lamp you can enjoy beautiful colour and durability for up to several weeks. In addition, the correct use of base coat, polish and hybrid top coat does not significantly affect the thickness of the nail, but makes the manicure look natural and aesthetically pleasing, and the plate itself is protected from external factors and perfectly shined. Importantly, hybrid nails are easy to do at home, provided you have good quality products and a little free time:

  1. Start the manicure by mattifying the plate with a polishing block and removing cuticles with a wooden stick or metal trimmer. You can also cut the cuticles completely with pliers or scissors.
  2. Apply a degreaser to the nails to help separate the plate from the primer and protect from excessive drying. Allow the degreaser to dry and then apply a layer of primer.
  3. The next step is to apply a base coat, which will significantly affect the durability of the entire nail design. After applying it, hold your nails under the UV lamp for 120 seconds or under the LED lamp for 60-90 seconds.
  4. The next step is to apply a layer of coloured hybrid polish and cure it in the lamp. You can do this twice if you want a higher level of coverage. Remember to work carefully – use the brush gently just below the cuticles so you don’t flood them with cosmetic.
  5. Protect your hybrid nails with a top coat. For a natural effect, choose a mineral product. Then put your hand in the lamp and harden the polish one last time. Now your style is ready!

Although the technique for a hybrid manicure does not depend on the length of your plate, with short nails it is worth paying attention to a few important factors. First of all, try to remove the cuticles thoroughly, because even small negligence can spoil the whole effect and make the styling look unattractive. It is also very important to give your nails the right shape – if they are short and painted in a strong colour, every unevenness will be visible. Remember that the plates should also not be too short – ideally their length should be at least equal to the fingertips.

Is A Hybrid Manicure Safe?

In theory, hybrid nails should not damage the nail plate, especially if they are applied and removed correctly. In practice, however, soft, slightly yellowed, cracking and painful nails are a problem that many women struggle with. There are many reasons for this – first of all, hybrid nail varnish is a strong chemical that adheres to the nail plate when cured with a lamp, which has an impact on its condition. Also, taking off the hybrid, even if very carefully, is quite an invasive process, which creates the risk of micro-damage. Doing hybrid nails, especially over a prolonged period of time without interruption, therefore significantly affects the condition of our nails, to the extent that they may require immediate nourishment and regeneration after the removal of the style. It is worthwhile to apply such a reconstructive treatment based, for example, on shea butter, castor oil or tea tree oil, even if no negative changes can be seen with the naked eye – if only to avoid weakening of the nails in the future.

Short Designs – Trends 2024

Fashions change relatively often, so while until recently short hybrid nails in intense colour may have seemed extravagant, today they are considered elegant and perfect for any occasion. Remember that although trends can be inspiring, it’s not worth following them blindly – it’s important that you feel good about yourself! If you don’t feel like experimenting, you can also opt for tried-and-tested classics that look great in any situation. Here are the trendy designs to try this year:

Classic & Coloured French

The French-style manicure, i.e. with a distinctive, rather narrow white edge, has not lost its popularity for years. It looks best on a short or medium length square-shaped plate with rounded edges. For those who are daring but still prefer minimalist styling, a french with a coloured or even black tip is an interesting option.

Shiny Edges Or Glitter

Short nails look great with a glossy polish along the entire length. The safest and at the same time most fashionable version of this look is a silver-coloured cosmetic, which does not accentuate redness and goes with almost any outfit. On a longer tile, a silver or gold polish with shiny flecks will look better on the edge alone.

Neutral Colours

Various shades of brown and beige are some of the most popular colours at the beginning of this year. These colours are ideal for both everyday wear and for going out.


This is perfect for those who fancy shine but aren’t keen on glitter. It looks beautiful on nails of any length, and is most elegant in silver – very light or platinum.

Dots & Waves

On hybrid nails painted with beige or milk polish, minimalist dark dots look very elegant and modern. However, if you want a more visible pattern, opt for fancy wavy lines, painted in any (but preferably solid) colour.

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