Enhancing Customer Support

Enhancing Customer Support With Zendesk Call Center Integration

July 14, 2023

Providing high-quality customer support is extremely crucial in today’s business world. Similarly, as the customer expectations rise, businesses must also evolve alongside innovative technologies to provide efficient customer support. One easy way to achieve it all is through using different software. Zendesk call center software integration can be an easy way to achieve your customer support targets. If you integrate Zendesk with your call center solutions you can easily enhance your customer support capabilities through superior service level.

In the article below, we will discuss what Zendesk is, how to integrate it with a call center, and its pros and cons.

What Is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a leading customer service providing platform. It features various tools that businesses can use to deliver top-quality customer support. With Zendesk, businesses can get a wide range of customer-oriented solutions, such as ticket systems, call center integrations, live chats and knowledge bases.

Through these features, a business can streamline its communicational ways. Moreover, they can also enhance their agent’s productivity and offer a customer-centric approach. Zendesk has a user-friendly interface which makes it easier to handle and use to build strong customer relationships and business success.

What Is Zendesk Call Center Software Integration?

Zendesk call center integration is the process of combining Zendesk software with a call centers system. Through this connection, a call center connects its operations with Zendesk enhanced features so they can achieve brilliant service quality. It allows call centers to strengthen their communication channels like email handling, live calls, chats, or social media platforms. As a result, businesses like call centers can offer a personalized, seamless, and accurate support experience to their customers.

What Are The Benefits & Drawbacks Of Zendesk Call Center Software Integration?

Following are a few major benefits and drawbacks of integrating Zendesk software with a call center:


Improvement In Productivity

When your agent is multitasking it is highly possible that his productivity will decrease. So, Zendesk integration can help him to increase his productivity. It will surely make things easier for your agent to handle while taking calls and notes at the same time.

Next, by integrating Zendesk to your cloud-based phone system, your Customer support team can easily handle the calls and queries inflow. If you have a customer contact already added to Zendesk, it can connect automatically. Moreover, with the self-help desk option, customers can solve their problems on their own to which they can’t find any solution. Therefore, Zendesk can offer multiple features to increase your team’s productivity.

Customer Improvement Engagement

Since with Zendesk, customers will be able to communicate with your customer support through various channels, as a result their experience will improve and grow with your business. While offering live chat, phone call support, emails, online messaging, and other communication features, the customer can connect easily with your business. Therefore, their engagement and communication experience will improve which can also result in helping your business in different ways.

Proactive Management

Some Zendesk features such as analytics, knowledge base, and many others can help your customer support team to make proactive decisions on the spot. It can be helpful to resolve your customer proactive management issues. So try making the most out of your Zendesk investment through effective synchronization of Help Center knowledge base with your business requirement.

Retaining Customers

It is a fact that customer retention relies a lot over customer support experience. The better a customer will have an experience with your support team, the more chances are that he will stick to your services or product. Since Zendesk can help you in resolving your customer issues through different channels effectively and quickly, as a result you can retain them through improved customer support experience.

Quick Response

With Zendesk, your customer support team can even avoid facing the horrible backlogging experience. Zendesk will use multitasking tools which can help the agents to effectively and conveniently deal with the customers. Consequently, there will be no backlogging and customer wait queue to deal with.

Smooth Sale Experience

The Zendesk Knowledge base can provide the exact resource or information required for solving customer problems efficiently. Above that, with Zendesk everyone will be connected and working together which can help them to respond to customers quickly and effectively to increase the chances of grabbing any possible sales opportunity.


Despite being very helpful and useful for the customer support team in various ways, Zendesk integration still has its drawbacks as stated below:

Training The Staff

Since Zendesk software integration will be something new for your customer support staff, it will require time and training for them to get used to and adopt it. As a result, it can badly affect your current workflow management and can cause backlogging. The staff will face several complexities and issues to familiarize themselves and understand the new Zendesk call center integration software. So, you must adopt an effective strategy to avoid this temporary issue.

Additional Cost

Since Zendesk integration will be something new, keep that in mind that it will incur a few additional costs such as licensing fees, ongoing Zendesk support, and maintenance. Therefore, you must make an evaluation of return on investment (ROI) to determine if this new integration project is feasible against the expenses you are incurring to set it up.

Too Much To Handle

Since integration will bring all communication channels under one roof. It is highly possible that the staff will face various bugs or glitches when switching from one channel t another. Moreover, it will also take time for the management team to understand these issues and by that time it would be already too late. Therefore, make sure to organize a full meeting with the Zendesk support team to help resolve these issues at their early stage to avoid customer support shortages.


No doubt Zendesk is offering tons of features and benefits to many businesses today to improve their customer support experience. It can make your staff work more efficiently and conveniently than before in all aspects of their work. However, it will not be as easy as it may appear to be. At start, you must first make an evaluation whether Zendesk software integration will benefit you or not from all angles. Next, keep that in mind that the beginning days will be tougher for the support and management team to handle. It would require training and understanding which can take a while and might affect your ongoing customer support performance chart negatively. Therefore, plan a strategy first before going with Zendesk for best results

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