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Essential Tips For Choosing The Right Moving Company

September 7, 2023

Choosing the right moving company is one of the most critical decisions for your move. You don’t want your items to arrive damaged or have extra charges smacked onto your bill on a moving day. Getting recommendations from friends and family can help, but remember that every move is different. These tips for choosing a moving company can help you find the best fit for your needs:

Do Your Research

It’s essential to do your research when selecting a moving company. No two moves are the same, and it’s important to factor in your unique needs, whether you’re moving across town, state, or even country. For example, you’ll want to know what services are included in the price of the move — such as packing materials and truck fuel — and if any additional costs could be incurred on moving day. You’ll also want to compare pricing estimates and watch out for companies that offer a quote significantly lower than others.

Also, check different websites for moving services Rochester NH, and read online reviews and the FMCSA’s mover search tool for complaint history. This simple step can save you from some of the most common moving complaints, such as lost or damaged items and unreasonable charges.

Ask For Recommendations

Asking friends and family for recommendations can help you find the right moving company. You can also check online reviews to understand what others think about the company’s service. You should also check if they have a DOT number for interstate moves and are members of reputable movers’ associations. Knowing they are a legitimate company with proper insurance to cover damages or lost items can give you peace of mind. You should also get a detailed quote that clearly states what’s included in the overall cost and any extra fees like fuel surcharge or stair charges. This will prevent any surprises on moving day. Also, be wary of movers who require large deposits or payments upfront.

Look For A DOT Number

In addition to checking reviews and complaints, you should also check a moving company’s USDOT number. You can do this by visiting the FMCSA website and entering the company name into their search field. This will display their safety rating and whether or not they have any outstanding complaints.

You should also look for a State Carrier ID number required for intrastate moves. Additionally, you should avoid any companies that do business under multiple names.

Finally, ask a potential moving company to send someone to your home for an estimate. This will allow them to provide you with an accurate price based on the specifics of your move. This is particularly important for full-service and long-distance moves. In addition, it will help you avoid scams.

Get A Written Estimate

Getting a detailed, written estimate is one of the most important steps in choosing a moving company. This will help you budget and prevent any surprises on a moving day.

Be sure to provide the moving company with a complete inventory of everything that will need to be moved and details about your current and new home (such as stairs). Also, make sure to ask if the estimate is binding or non-binding. Be wary of companies that require large upfront deposits or cash payments, as these could be red flags. Also, avoid companies that use rented trucks and equipment, as these may need to be more reliable.

Listen To Your Gut

It’s essential to take the time to research moving companies but also trust your gut instinct. If a company seems shady, it’s probably best to move on. A good sign is when a moving company can clearly explain their services and answer your questions in detail. It may be a sign of hidden fees or poor service if they give wishy-washy answers or don’t take the time to hear your needs. Also, pay attention to how much of a deposit the moving company asks for and how they handle overages. You should never be required to pay more than 20% upfront, and a reputable moving company should not request cash payments. Ultimately, the final decision comes down to what feels right for you and your family’s unique situation.

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