Exploring Conversion Rate For Your Business

Exploring Conversion Rate For Your Business

December 22, 2020

What is conversion rate optimization, or ‘CRO’? It is a way of optimizing your website to get better conversions. There are many ways you can go about practicing CRO, and there are crucial reasons you should consider implementing it into your marketing strategy. We will explore all of this in this article.

If you have never heard of or been a part of a conversion rate optimization project before, you probably will not be familiar with what it involves. An expert in CRO would use different specialist tools and pieces of software to test how every user behaves from the moment they leave. You would be surprised what a CRO test can tell you.

There are multiple types of CRO software and what it can report on. They are highly valuable to understanding how your users behave because you should never assume you know for sure, even if you think you know what they click and where they go. CRO enables you to learn true behavior and then trial different methods on your site to improve the conversion rate.

How CRO Could Transform Your Sales

Without a conversion rate optimization strategy, you might be completely unaware that any percentage of your website visitors are being lost in their user journey on their way to becoming a lead or a sale for you. That is why a specialist could help. Check out this conversion rate optimization agency who can help.

By gathering the data from the result of CRO tests, you will be able to know exactly how your website visitors behave. That gives you immense power to start making small amendments on your website to improve your conversion rate. Re-arranging your landing page content or moving a distracting image.

Smart Insights talks about what makes a good conversion rate and explains how investing time into your e-commerce conversion rates can be highly effective to increase your conversions for your business. Making small changes that are data-driven can slowly understand user behavior and improve conversions, especially when working with an expert.

How To Do CRO Tests & What It Can Highlight

Setting up a CRO campaign can be complex. But you will need to get your hands on some software to run the tests first as CRO is completely data-led, rather than going from a hunch so to speak. We have got some examples of some of the common ways you can do a conversion rate optimization test.

  • A/B Testing – also commonly known as split testing
  • Heat mapping or scroll mapping

What’s A/B testing? You take one page (A) from your website and make a variant of it (B) before testing user behavior on both. The key factor is that there is only one difference between both pages, which might be a different colored button. That way, you can be sure that that is what causing more users to convert on ‘A’ compared to ‘B’, or vice versa.

What’s heat-mapping? As Emotions tells us, a completed heat map analysis will have tracked where your users move their cursor to when they land on a page. You might find a button or image that is causing your users to be distracted, but then you can test changes to improve your conversion rate.

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