Increase Your Business’s Manufacturing Productivity

How To Increase Your Business’s Manufacturing Productivity Right Now

December 22, 2020

When your business reaches a certain size, it can be difficult to work out how you can make it more productive. Existing processes and routines are firmly entrenched, personnel are used to work certain hours in a certain way, and the margins for improvement get smaller and smaller.

It requires you to stand back from your business’s day-to-day running to gain a fresh perspective on how to reach the next level of productivity.

Here are some proven ways to increase your business’s manufacturing productivity:

Use A Conveyor

Incorporating a conveyor system is one of the simplest ways to transform your businesses’ manufacturing productivity overnight. While you may be familiar with the old-school conveyor belt at airports and manufacturing plants, conveyor technology innovations mean they can improve productivity on many fronts.

For instance, conveyors will free up space on your production line or in your warehouse, allowing you to increase the amount of storage or production lines. They also help organize your space, cleaning up the production area and making it an easier environment to work in.

Another benefit is that you can base your production processes around it. They help automate the process and make your production run smoothly. Check out Fluent Conveyors article to conveyors in Birmingham.

Consider The Benefits Of Automated Processes

Continuing with this theme, automating your processes can increase your manufacturing productivity exponentially. Using automated equipment on your production line, for example, will reduce the risk of human error, complete tasks at a faster pace, and, if you use AI software, learn how to increase its efficiency over time, boosting productivity further.

Using automated technology also allows you to better control and adapt your production processes, meaning you can constantly adapt to new challenges and increased demand.

Increase Staff Training

If you employ large teams of staff on your production lines, then they are the key to unlocking your production gains. A common mistake is to believe you have to work your staff harder and longer to pump out more products. This is ill-advised on many fronts – not least because it will sap morale and lower your efficiency.

Instead, train your staff in new and improved manufacturing processes, either by teaching them how to use technology to quicken their working speed or by teaching your staff to work better as a team. With manufacturing processes, the emphasis should be on finding intelligent solutions, not simply hard work.

Make Realistic Targets For You & Your Staff

This is the big one. You can’t increase your manufacturing efficiency unless you and your staff know where you’re headed and why. Choosing a productivity target out of thin air to ‘motivate’ your workforce will only kick your problems down the road.

Start by taking time out to research and analyze your current processes. Pick apart every detail and collect a stack of relevant data. Only then can you make an educated decision about what target to aim for next.

As an added tip, setting a realistic target is often more effective than setting an overly ambitious one – and will boost the morale of your staff in the process.

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