How Damages Apply To Personal Injury Cases

How Damages Apply To Personal Injury Cases In Vero Beach, Florida

July 24, 2023

Damages are the losses and costs victims face following a personal injury. Most personal injuries in Vero Beach, Florida, lead to diminished earning capacity and expensive medical bills. Depending on the extent of the injury, the victim is eligible for compensation for noneconomic and economic damages caused by the at-fault party.

Types Of Damages In A Florida Personal Injury Case

A seasoned personal injury attorney in this law firm in Vero Beach, Florida, assists victims in filing personal injury lawsuits to receive fair compensation. Victims considering this option may be interested in the kind of damages they may include in their lawsuit. The exact damages in a personal injury lawsuit depend on the costs and the injury incurred.

Lost Wages

Victims filing a personal injury case can sue for lost wages. Lost wages are straightforward to calculate, and you should discuss with your personal injury lawyer regarding the time you took off work following an accident. Lost wages include medical appointments, job loss following injuries, and recovery time. Your attorney assists you in calculating compensation amounting to the loss of wages.

Property Replacement Or Repair

Individuals whose personal properties get damaged following an accident can sue the at-fault party for replacement or repair depending on the extent of damage and the items damaged. Victims shouldn’t have to pay for those damages if the accident wasn’t their fault, whether it’s a fence, car, garage, or any other piece of property. These types of expenses are included in the majority of personal injury cases.

Past & Future Medical Bills

Victims who seek medical care in Vero Beach, Florida, following an accident, can sue the at-fault party in their lawsuit for medical costs. Medical bills cover expenses ranging from future expenses to immediate expenses. Future expenses include physical therapy, possible future surgery, or ongoing prescription costs. In contrast, immediate expenses include follow-up appointments, a trip to the casualty ward, and any ordered tests. Victims should keep the receipts associated with these medical appointments and share their medical reports with their Vero Beach personal injury attorney.

Pain & Suffering

Accidents can sometimes leave victims with lifetime injuries, causing their lives to be different from the ones they were accustomed to. Some victims experience chronic pain besides depression and anxiety due to injuries. A personal injury may permanently affect the quality of victims’ lives aside from subjecting them to a traumatic experience. Make sure to include pain and suffering in your list of damages when filing a lawsuit to enable your lawyer to pursue fair compensation on your behalf.

Establishing Responsibility For Damages

Identifying the at-fault following an accident isn’t always easy. An in-depth investigation is crucial to determine the cause of the accident. The main elements of personal injury include:

  • Damages: The injury may lead to losses, recoverable costs, and expenses
  • Breach of duty: The at-fault party may breach the duty either through intentional harm or negligence
  • Causation: The breach of duty causes injuries to the victim
  • Duty of care: The at-fault party has a legal duty of care to the victim

Types Of Personal Injuries

A personal injury case covers any situation involving the negligence of another party, causing the victim to sustain injuries. Some of the typical personal injury cases include wrongful death, medical malpractice, car accidents, and birth injuries. A personal injury attorney at Vero Beach helps victims navigate the complexities of personal injury law to pursue fair compensation.

Florida has strict requirements for filing personal injury lawsuits which can be overwhelming for injured parties to navigate following an accident. Florida law has a statute of limitations regarding the timeline for filing a personal injury case. It requires victims to file such lawsuits within two years of the accident. A reliable personal injury attorney from Vero Beach, Florida, can handle filing requirements and communications to enable victims to focus on their recovery.

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