Hiring A Car Fire Attorney For Insurance Claims

The Importance Of Hiring A Car Fire Attorney For Insurance Claims

September 26, 2023

Insurance companies often use underhanded strategies to compel car accident victims to accept low-ball settlements. If you want to fight for fair compensation, you need an experienced attorney. Car fire attorneys can help you determine how much your claim is worth and send a strong demand letter to the insurance company.

Collect Evidence

Getting you and your family safely out of the vehicle and to safety after a crash that leads to a fire is critical. However, if you have a chance to document what happened before you leave the scene, that can be helpful in a future personal injury claim. For example, if you were exposed to toxic fumes or suffered burn injuries, seeking medical care at the scene can help establish when those symptoms appeared. It can also establish that you were injured in the accident and provide valuable evidence for your claim. Additionally, a car fire attorney can handle all communications with an insurance provider on your behalf so that you do not accidentally say something that could be used against your claim later. This is important because insurance companies work to make money and will do whatever they can to pay less or deny claims entirely. They will not treat you fairly. A skilled car fire attorney can help you level the playing field.

Help You Negotiate

When a car accident involves a fire or explosion, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic and life-changing. Victims will likely face immense medical expenses and lose the ability to work and earn a living. The smell of smoke can signal danger and cause panic for people who are unfamiliar with vehicle fires. They may not know how to protect themselves and their families from burns, toxic fume inhalation, and other injuries caused by a burning vehicle. A qualified attorney knows how to negotiate with insurance companies. They can help clients determine the amount of compensation they deserve, gather evidence, and negotiate for a settlement that reflects their actual losses. When an insurance adjuster offers a low offer, victims should decline it and ask them to justify the amount. Then, they can provide a more reasonable counteroffer.

Get The Compensation You Deserve

When someone can successfully navigate a car fire accident claim, they are often entitled to significant monetary compensation to help pay for their past and future medical costs, lost income, property damage, pain and suffering, and other damages. An experienced car accident attorney can negotiate on your behalf for the best possible settlement amount. A vehicle fire or explosion can cause devastating injuries, including severe burns, traumatic brain injury, debilitating spinal cord injuries, and deep laceration injuries. These injuries can have life-altering effects on victims and require extensive and ongoing medical care. In some cases, the driver whose negligent actions caused the collision may be liable, especially if the other car’s fuel tank leaked and caught on fire after the crash. The person who owns that vehicle must make sure their vehicle is safe for consumers and should have any defective parts fixed immediately.

Help You Get Justice

Car fires sometimes occur due to vehicle design or manufacturing defects. When this happens, victims may be able to pursue product liability claims against the car manufacturer or faulty component manufacturers. They may also be able to pursue personal injury claims against another driver who caused the crash that resulted in the fire. Even if you successfully secure the maximum insurance claim payout possible, there is no guarantee that this will fully compensate you for your losses. Your attorney can help you build a civil claim against the parties responsible for your accident and injuries when insurance is not enough to cover your damages.

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