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Reasons Why You Should Hire Disability Lawyers When Applying For Social Security Disability

January 29, 2024

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a long and complicated process. Many claimants become discouraged and give up when they receive a denial, unaware that 60% of initial claims are denied. This is where experienced disability lawyers in Greensboro NC can make a huge difference in getting benefits approved through appeals. Here are some of the key reasons why you should hire social security and disability lawyers when applying for SSDI.

Have Higher Success Rates

A disability lawyer who focuses on Social Security claims has an in-depth understanding of how the SSA system works and what examiners look for in making decisions. They know what medical evidence carries the most weight and how to properly document limitations to meet the disability requirements. Disability lawyers have wider networks for getting medical records and solicitations for supporting evidence from doctors. Statistics show claimants have a much higher rate of being approved with a lawyer’s assistance versus attempting it alone.

Handle The Burdensome Process

The application paperwork alone is daunting, requiring difficult questionnaires, detailed financial and employment history, and precise symptom descriptions. Gathering all the pertinent medical records to match with disability applications can be extremely burdensome and time sensitive. A disability lawyer has teams who handle collecting records and evidence, take interviews establishing limitations, and complete error-free filing of appeals. This alleviates the stress, so claimants can focus on treatment options.

Specialize In Disability Evaluations

The approval process hinges on showing how impairments prevent engaging in substantial gainful employment. Non-attorneys frequently struggle with conveying daily living restrictions accurately according to Social Security guidelines. An experienced lawyer understands disability examiner evaluations, interpretation of medical reports, and earning thresholds for income limits. This knowledge allows them to present even the most complex combination of physical, mental health, and age impairments in the necessary context for getting benefits approved.

Increase Chances At Hearings

Over 75% of cases end up going to administrative court hearings before an administrative law judge if denied twice. Simply having legal representation by your side against a judge and vocational expert greatly improves the odds of attempting it on your own without preparation. Disability lawyers study judge tendencies, regularly argue cases to identify strengths and weaknesses, and determine what evidence holds up best under cross-examination. They soften the intimidating process while putting your situation in the most favorable light.

Negotiate Fees After Approval

Unlike other legal help, Social Security disability lawyers work on contingency, without any payment necessary upfront. Fees typically only comprise 25% of retroactive back payments awarded at case settlement or partially withheld from monthly payments. Reputable firms limit fee requests within SSA maximums capped at $7,200, making services quite affordable, especially for substantial back payment awards stretching years.

Receive Compassionate Expert Support

Embarking through the Social Security disability process while struggling with health issues can feel traumatic, lonely, and hopeless if denied. However, a reliable disability lawyer provides both professional expertise and genuine empathy expressed through compassionate support. They treat you like more than just a case file, while still guaranteeing high-quality legal representation. Having an advocate in your corner saying your symptoms are real, limitations understood, and wanting your voice heard in appeals makes the process emotionally easier.

As the old adage goes about anything complex or highly regulated – navigating the Social Security benefits process alone without experienced guidance is always riskier over utilizing a specialist well-versed in disability claims. While no results come as guarantees, employing a trusted disability lawyer significantly betters your chances of getting approved within a shorter time frame.

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