PEMF Therapy

How Does PEMF Mat Help In Cell Stimulation & Training? 

September 27, 2021

Body pain, fatigue, chronic pain, pain after injury, and so many other health issues are there when our body cells cannot function in the proper way. Day by day, the number of patients with similar symptoms is increasing. Patients are taking lots of oral medicines and even undergoing surgeries but after a time, their problems come back. If you are also facing similar complications, it’s time to think about PEMF. While taking this therapy, you will see the huge contribution of a special category mat known as the PEMF mat. We can say that it is the main medium of sending the desired treatment to the patients. The process is relaxing and even injured persons can easily have it without facing any interruption or additional pain. 

What Is This PEMF Therapy? 

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. This therapeutic treatment has been designed in a unique way to promote cellular communication in order to enhance self-healing and wellness. We can see that in recent years, chronic pain and stiffness while the movement has become concerns of many people irrespective of age and gender. In order to treat autoimmune diseases and chronic disease states, PEMF therapy has been becoming a popular solution. has found out that people who suffer from various cognitive (comes from Lyme) and physical issues such as injury, infectious diseases, and autoimmune disease, find PEMF really helpful to get relief and get back to the desired lifestyle. 

Cellular communication is important for our health’s adaptation and regulation processes. These processes are responsible to deal with symptoms and causes of all cell deterioration and diseases. You may know that every organ of our body comes with its own bio-electromagnetic field. And every cell communicates via that field. Every organ undergoes lots of chemical reactions within a fraction of seconds. 

In order to keep the health well and functional, these organs, cells, tissues, and any other subsystems communicate with each other. If the communication gets interrupted, we start facing various complications. 

How Does PEMF Mat Stimulate & Train Cells For Smooth Communication? 

We have already mentioned that every organ of our body produces its own bio-electromagnetic field. PEMF mat is there to alter those energy fields for cellular function enhancement. PEMF mat can deliver EMFs to the body cells. The lowest frequency of pemf can penetrate every tissue and cell to restore the body’s natural strength. This process includes the lowest frequency energy fields and they are rightly pulsed. When these frequencies penetrate deep into the body, they stimulate chemical and electrical processes in the tissue. 

The right dose of therapy brings many benefits to the user. It adds cellular energy and results in better cellular health and cell function well. With this therapy, the body can efficiently process the electrical and chemical exchanges where they find cellular dysfunction. And slowly it leads to improved adaptation of the body and fastens the natural healing process. 

Are There Any Side Effects Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy? 

Whenever it comes to switching to a new treatment process, we have some fear that the new process may leave some serious health complications. But in the case of using a PEMF mat for the therapy, there is no such dangerous side effect. Only five percent of individuals may experience some minor complications but that can be resolved using different protocols of the therapy. This therapy causes the death of bacteria and it can cause some issues. In order to soothe or prevent side effects, experts suggest enabling detoxification for the patient. 

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