The Importance Of Areola Restoration In Breast Reconstruction

The Importance Of Areola Restoration In Breast Reconstruction

August 25, 2023

After a mastectomy, women may have the nipple and areola reconstructed. This is a great way to boost confidence and feel like the breasts were never removed.

This surgery uses a skin flap or implant to surgically construct a mound of tissue that forms the shape of a new nipple. Sometimes, the nipples are then tattooed to add color and symmetry.

What Is Areola Restoration?

Areola tattooing, also known as 3D nipple tattooing or paramedical tattoo, is a cosmetic procedure that recreates the natural look of the areola and nipple after breast surgery. This treatment can be used to correct asymmetry or discoloration of the areola, as well as restore nipple shape and projection.

Surgical techniques for breast reconstruction often leave scars around the nipple area, and even if patients have a full-shaped breast mound with a DIEP flap or implant, they can still feel unsatisfied if the nipple is not correctly restored. Nipple and areola restoration in Parker CO can be accomplished in various ways, including skin grafting.

However, this surgical technique can be painful and takes time to heal. Additionally, it can be challenging to match the color of a grafted areola to that of a naturally shaped breast. This is why paramedical areola repigmentation is a valuable service for breast reconstruction patients. It can help to create a more realistic-looking nipple and areola after surgery, giving patients a sense of completeness and closure.

How Does Areola Restoration Work?

Areola restoration, or 3D nipple tattooing, is an advanced permanent makeup technique that can correct the color, shape, and size of your areola and nipple. It is an excellent paramedical solution for women and men who have undergone a mastectomy or breast surgery that resulted in irregular or unnatural-looking nipples.

During surgical reconstruction, surgeons use various techniques to build a new nipple and areola. The most common method is using a skin flap that involves lifting skin near the nipple site and stitching it to the reconstructed breast mound. The nipple is then shaped to give it an upraised appearance concerning the breast mound.

The other way of constructing a new nipple is through grafting skin from another part of the body to the nipple site.

What Are The Advantages Of Areola Restoration?

It can help restore a woman’s self-image and improve her quality of life.

This surgery can re-create your original areolas’ shape, size, and color. It can also replace a small areola that has become sagging or drooping.

Another option is to have a cosmetic tattoo artist simulate your natural areolas with hyperrealistic results. This is an affordable and highly effective way to reclaim your confidence after a mastectomy. The process is quick, safe, and painless. Many patients report feeling better about their body image after having this procedure.

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