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Wearefabric.io Review: Is It A Legit Money-Making Opportunity Or A Scam?

August 25, 2023

In the quest for ways to earn money online, Wearefabric.io has emerged as a platform promising financial rewards through tasks such as referring friends, playing games, and completing surveys. This Wearefabric.io review seeks to shed light on the legitimacy of this platform, exploring its claims, website specifications, and reasons why it’s considered unsafe and fraudulent. We will also delve into user experiences to provide a comprehensive assessment.

Understanding Wearefabric.io

Wearefabric, located at Wearefabric.io, markets itself as a Money App that enables users to earn money online effortlessly. The platform’s enticing promises include making money from the comfort of your home and the possibility of withdrawing $50 in earnings using a Fabric Visa Debit Card. The key methods of earning money on the platform include:

  • Sign up for the VIP waitlist to get your card.
  • Earning money by testing free apps and games.
  • Receiving rewards for participating in surveys.

Website Specifications

Before delving deeper, let’s take a closer look at Wearefabric.io’s website specifications:

Website name Wearefabric.io
Email Not provided
Contact address Not provided
Contact number Not provided
Product Kind Money-earning App
Options for payment PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and more
Social media accounts Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, 

Why Wearefabric.io Raises Concerns Of Unsafety & Fraudulence

1. Unethical Reward System

One significant red flag is Wearefabric.io’s payment structure. Users are not paid immediately upon completing tasks; instead, they are required to wait for a month under the pretext of “processing” to verify the absence of cheating. Many users report that their dashboard shows payment after waiting but never receives any funds. This delayed and elusive payment system raises doubts about the platform’s legitimacy.

2. Identity Theft Risk

Wearefabric.io’s demand for users’ social security numbers is a cause for concern. Providing such sensitive information poses a significant risk of identity theft. With the proliferation of identity theft as one of the fastest-growing crimes, users should exercise extreme caution when confronted with such requests.

User Experiences & Reviews

User experiences provide valuable insights into the authenticity of Wearefabric.io:

  • One user expressed his frustration, stating that he has been waiting for compensation for the ads he viewed for nearly two months. This feels like a deception, wasting his time with false advertising. He still hasn’t received the promised $50, and his time feels wasted.
  • Another user highlighted that this application doesn’t deliver on its promises. It carries mediocre ratings, a questionable trust score, and ultimately proves to be an expenditure of time and data. In the end, even influencers aren’t compensated.

The consensus among users is that Wearefabric.io fails to deliver on its promises, leaving individuals feeling deceived and uncompensated.

Conclusion: Is Wearefabric.io Scam?

In conclusion, Wearefabric.io appears to be a deceptive platform that preys on individuals seeking online income opportunities. Its delayed payment structure and request for sensitive information, such as social security numbers, indicate its fraudulent nature.

Users’ experiences further validate the skepticism surrounding Wearefabric.io, as many report dissatisfaction and unmet promises. It is highly recommended to be very careful when thinking about engaging with websites like Wearefabric.io, as they may not fulfill their appealing promises. Prioritizing your online safety is crucial, and it’s important to be cautious of offers that seem too good to be true.


Are there any official warnings or reports about Wearefabric.io being a scam?

While there may not be official warnings, numerous user reviews and reports online express concerns about Wearefabric.io’s legitimacy. These collective experiences can serve as valuable indicators of potential risks associated with the platform.

What are the reasons for considering Wearefabric.io unsafe and fraudulent?

Wearefabric.io’s delayed payment structure and request for sensitive information, like social security numbers, raise concerns about its credibility and potential risks.

Are users satisfied with their experiences on Wearefabric.io?

User reviews indicate a consensus that Wearefabric.io falls short of delivering on its promises, leaving users feeling deceived and uncompensated.

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