Understanding Anti-Seize Compounds

Understanding Anti-Seize Compounds

August 28, 2023

Industrial machinery and automotive parts are typically composed mainly of metal. While oil filter changes are routine, the inspection of threaded metal parts should also be a part of regular maintenance checks. Because of their constant exposure to extreme temperatures and corrosive environments, metal parts are subject to seizing and breakage. Adding anti-seize compounds to your garage arsenal is important for keeping your metal parts in excellent working condition.

The Importance Of Anti-Seize Compounds On Metal Parts

Because threaded metal parts are continually exposed to harsh environments, they are at constant risk of damage which can compromise the overall functionality of your heavy machinery or vehicle. Be aware of the following situations to prevent costly damage.

Galling & Seizing

Over time, increased friction can cause the contact surfaces on metal parts to stick together resulting in galling and seizing. When this occurs, threaded bolts and fasteners are difficult to turn. If these threaded parts are further tightened, the threads can be stripped causing permanent damage to the entire metal part.


If a threaded joint becomes corroded, its electrical resistance increases. Preventing corrosion allows threaded joints to reliably transmit electrical currents. Further, corrosion reduces a metal’s ductility which causes metal parts to become brittle and subject to cracking.

Regular use of anti-seize compounds can combat the negative effects of seizing, galling, and corrosion on metal parts. Moreover, routine lubrication saves you money by allowing the reuse of your metal bolts and fasteners. If a car requires serious repair, lubricating treatment can also ease the disassembly and assembly of parts.

The Functionality Of Anti-Seize Compounds

To prevent the negative effects of corrosion, seizing, and galling, anti-seize compounds lubricate metal parts to lower friction and they also provide a protective layer to resist corrosion.

Lubricating properties are typically due to the following:

  • Petroleum
  • Copper
  • Graphite
  • Aluminum

These lubricating solids reduce friction between threaded metal parts to protect them from seizing. They can withstand extreme temperatures making them ideal for the metal parts used in industrial machinery and in vehicles. High-quality grease, such as petroleum, can withstand temperatures of up to 400°F while lubricating solids can withstand temperatures of up to 2400°F.

The Various Forms Of Lubricating Compounds

Anti-seize compounds come in various forms for application, including:

  • Aerosol sprays
  • Squeeze tubes
  • Dip jars with brushes

The form of anti-seize compound you need depends on the number, size, and location of metal parts that require treatment. Spray-on compounds are useful for high temperatures, but ensure that you wear the proper protective equipment to prevent skin irritation and ingestion. Squeeze tubes are ideal for smaller metal threads. Dip jars are great when you need to apply lubricating compounds on a large surface area. Dip jars are also easy to clean up.

Finding Premium Anti-Seize Compounds

Anti-seize compounds are essential for fixing cars and for maintaining the overall performance of heavy machinery. Find a store near you that carries the right anti-seize or shop online to ensure your projects get done right.

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