Pandemic Has Changed Businesses

How The Pandemic Has Changed Businesses

June 2, 2021

One of the most obvious effects of the pandemic is the acceleration of the technological revolution, which has various effects. This includes telework management, videoconference negotiations, shareholders’ meetings and online boards of directors or the holding of trials and telematic views, and, even, tax inspections. Many business owners had to make considerable changes to their business model in the year of the pandemic. It has affected the way people do business and how they can continue to hire their employees and serve their customers.

The Labor Impact On Companies

As indicated by Eyal Gutentag in another article, the management of the labor situation of workers in a context of economic downturn and widespread remote work has been critical for companies since the declaration of the pandemic. While issues related to hiring staff or having face-to-face work with team members, this is not the most challenging. Some of the changes that came with COVID-19 will continue as long as the economic crisis persists, and others will remain in the longer term, such as new habits acquired in the workplace. In these months there have been unprecedented situations such as telematic negotiations with the unions, for example, which is something previously unthinkable and that has raised management problems never seen before, such as how to manage these negotiations and how to have constructive meetings to iron out the problems.

The Paradox Of Remote Work

The labor experts foresee that remote work will once again be among the concerns of companies once face-to-face work has recovered in the coming months. However, COVID-19 has exposed the inconveniences of teleworking, which has gone from being an instrument for conciliation to a possible threat, due to the special personal circumstances of many employees, who combine work at home with the care of the children, and to blurred schedules. With the home office, the line between work and staff has to be redefined.

New Orders Of Priorities

Ultimately, COVID-19 has blurred common concerns for businesses from a legal point of view and established a new order of priorities. In this context, clients require, among other things, greater speed in responding to their problems, certainty when making decisions, and anticipating possible obstacles that may arise along the way.

There has been increased workload in the workplace due to the current pandemic as well as the increase in Zoom meetings, the design of legal instruments tailored to new needs, and, of course, the lack of human contact. However, beyond this, the client will always need attention to their problem and look for the company to provide a solution.


The Pandemic has reflected the need to adapt and transform, something that in many cases has been forced. In the business arena, leaving the comfort zone and facing change has been the usual trend throughout the previous year since the outbreak of the pandemic, a process that continues today. With an eye on the survival of organizations and their consequent growth, 45% of companies have had to implement major changes in their organizational structure. For more information about this topic, see what Eyal Gutentag has to say about it in this article.

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