Right Nursing Home For Your Needs

How To Choose The Right Nursing Home For Your Needs

January 18, 2024

The right nursing home can help an elderly loved one get medical care. It can also offer them social activities and meals.

Experts recommend using the federal government’s online search tool, Care Compare. However, they say using quantitative data with qualitative, in-person information is essential.


A nursing home typically provides three meals a day for residents. A dietitian supervises the meals. Nursing homes Albany NY may offer family-style dining or a menu that caters to dietary needs such as vegan, gluten-free, and kosher diets.

Many online resources are available to help you choose a nursing home. Ask physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and other health care providers for recommendations. You can also ask your state’s long-term care ombudsperson, a layperson who investigates complaints against nursing homes, for a list of nursing homes in your area.

A good nursing home meal plan offers a variety of protein-rich foods, such as eggs, beans, spinach, and meats, which can keep older adults strong. Dairy is another essential nutrient, providing calcium, vitamin B12, and zinc.


A nursing home is a temporary housing for those needing ongoing medical care and supervision. They usually provide rehabilitation services, such as physical therapy or speech therapy. They can also provide daily living assistance, such as helping someone to bathe or get dressed. It’s important to ask a hospital discharge planner or social worker for recommendations vis a potential nursing home and observe daily activities and meals. You can also check out the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ online search-and-compare tool or your local Area Agency on Aging.

You would only make a significant decision about buying a car by test-driving it, and the same goes for choosing a nursing home. Take time to evaluate the facility’s cleanliness, ambiance, and amenities.

Personal Care

A nursing home is a medical and residential setting that provides 24-hour supervision, three meals a day, and help with activities of daily living. It may be part of a continuing care retirement community that offers options like independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care, or it might be a stand-alone facility.

To find the right fit for someone you love, tour nursing homes early and frequently. Make your decision before a crisis occurs, such as when an older adult must be relocated from the hospital in a matter of hours. Ask friends, family, physicians, other health care professionals, therapists, clergy members, and local ombudspersons for recommendations. Also, contact your state’s Area Agency on Aging and Medicare for information. Look beyond the furnishings to see how well residents are treated: Do they seem happy and engaged or groggy and overmedicated?


During in-person tours, observe how the staff interacts with current residents. Are they friendly and warm? Or do they seem groggy and overmedicated?

The best nursing homes offer a variety of activities tailored to an individual’s needs. For example, residents who can still do so may love tending to an outdoor garden. Or, if they have good skills, some might enjoy rug hooking, an activity that allows them to use their hands and tap into their inner child by creating a crafty project.

According to Pavlovich, look for a schedule that lists three to four activities offered seven days a week. Also, ask how the community learns about residents’ interests and what activities they personalize. For instance, painting can be great tactile therapy, or a group discussion of a chosen book can be a fun and engaging social activity.


Over 1 million seniors a year enter nursing homes as part of a continuing care retirement community that transitions from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing or as stand-alone facilities. The best nursing homes should offer various services, including 24-hour supervision, three meals daily, and help with daily tasks.

Pay attention to how staff members interact with residents during your visit. Experts say they can significantly impact how happy or unhappy your loved one is.

Ask family, friends, and people in the health care field for recommendations of nursing homes, says Craig Fukushima, a consultant with more than 30 years of nursing home industry experience. Your local ombudsman and Area Agency on Aging are also good information sources.

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