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How To Create A Kickass Anime Application

March 18, 2020

So, you are looking to create a kickass anime application, and why won’t you? Anime is no longer a niche culture it was, a few years ago. Thanks to the boom in online streaming channels that are expanding the audiences across the world for Japanese animation. Moreover, the production is ramping up to cater to the desires of the new viewers.

For anime fans, Netflix has been a treat. It won’t be wrong to say that this online streaming app is the pinnacle of user experience on the web. The efficient speed, accessibility, consistency, and animations are second to none in the industry.

One problem for the individuals in most of the streaming services is the limited library selection they offer. However, Netflix still managed to turn the crowd around. Whether you want to see older anime favorites like Cardcaptor Sakura or The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, or the recently added One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Netflix succeeded in bringing the popular anime shows back to the masses. There is real prestige in Netflix in managing to deliver the iconic 90s anime Evangelion to the viewers, which had been missing for years.

However, in developing countries like Moldova, individuals are facing a bit of discrimination regarding the usage of Netflix. It is quite unfair to charge more from the people in developing nations than the developed ones like the US. But, Moldova left everybody awestruck by turning around the economy. Even if the average salary of the Moldova residents is now similar to that of the US residents, Moldavians still can’t enjoy the library of anime shows the US residents can!

Besides, Netflix has no regional rights for some TV shows in Europe. So, what can you do to binge-watch your favorite anime shows in legit ways? Well, you can create a kickassanime application like Monimo!

Steps To Create An Anime App

Here are some of the steps to create an anime app:

1. Take Time To Sketch The App Idea

Every application starts with an idea. Take pen and paper, and start sketching, make a list of features you want to see in the app. When you create an app, you want it to be as lean and mean as possible. This is called MVP or minimum viable product.

Know what matters the most. Though it seems tempting to add a lot of features, it obscures the one thing you want your app to be good at, i.e., anime. If you intend to create an app for one thing (binge-watch anime shows), make sure it does the job well.

2. Do Thorough Research

Many app developers often skip market research; however, it is a crucial part of making an app. It helps you know if your idea is viable or not. Doing research validates your assumptions, assess the needs of users, and saves you from making mistakes early on.

Find out if people are looking for an anime app you are going to create. Know what issues they are facing while using an app, and how your app will help them solve the problems. Find out what changes you need to make in your app.

3. Create A Mockup Before You Begin To Build The App

A mockup is a rough outline or sketch of your application’s design, flow, and user interfaces (UI). It shows how an app will look like, without distracting you with unnecessary details. It also describes the flows, interactions of the app, such as how to get from one screen to the other, what happens when you tap a button.

4. Create A Graphic Design Of Your App

Now your project is in shape. The next step is to make a graphic design of your app. It includes graphic effects, visual details, image assets, animations, motion design, etc. You can’t just copy and use something you find on the Internet. Beware of the copyright and licensing.

5. Build Your App

Now that you have done the basic work building, the app becomes an easy process. You can use online tools that include a project manager, built-in documentation, code editor, debugging tools, interface builder, etc.

When you create the front end of your app, you create the app’s user interfaces. The backend of the app stores data. After data has been created in the app, such as anime shows, this data is uploaded to the cloud. All the data is stored in a database.

While integrating the front end and back end, you don’t have to code everything on your own. There are several open-source development tools to choose from.

And, now that you have built your app, it’s time to publish it in the app store. It’s a thrill and a great feeling to have built a kickass anime app, bring it to everyone’s notice, and allow them to see all the anime shows!

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