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What Is PPC Advertising? What Are Its Benefit In 2020

March 18, 2020

We are currently surviving in a world of digitization, where the internet is ruling the world. The service of the internet is available in every corner of the world. Within some years, digital marketing technologies have been enhanced with several features and new technology.

There are several online advertising and marketing methods available in the market, such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing. Here we are going to discuss PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising).

What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an online advertising method where each click costs you a certain amount of money. It is the advertising platform provided by Google that places your advertisement on top of the Google search engine result page.

It is also known as Google AdWords that works on the Google search engine platform. PPC is an alternative to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which works faster and effectively than SEO.

PPC provides the quick result of generating leads and conversion. It can generate leads and transformation within a few couples of days of advertisement.

Here Are Some Facts & Stats Of PPC Advertising:

  1. PPC ads increase brand awareness by 80%.
  2. Above 46% of clicks goes to the top three Google ads on SERP.
  3. Mobile devices account for 53% of paid clicks.
  4. People prefer video ads, i.e., 73% more than display banners.

The Benefits Of PPC Advertising In 2020

1. PPC Provides A Quick Result

PPC Advertising has a fantastic speed of conveying results of leads and conversion. At whatever point each progression of the promotion crusade is excellent, your advertisement can have top placement on Google Search Engine Result Page.

Likewise, Google has a tremendous number of crowd than any other search engine. Since your Google ads are set on top, your promotion can get a 100% impression, and nobody can oppose clicking on your ads, which genuinely wants to buy your services.

In this way, every advertiser who is eager to hold up a very long time to pick up leads and change get include on Google PPC and produce snappy leads inside two or three days.

2. No Requirement For SEO

As of now said that PPC is an alternative technique for Search Engine Optimization and the better one. Along these lines, if you decide to publicize your ads through PPC, you won’t need to pay an additional charge for SEO specialists to take a shot at your website.

Search Engine Optimization is a sophisticated type of online advertising that requires a group of SEO specialists and long stretches of value work. This isn’t fitting and won’t fit on each advertiser’s arrangement, which is the reason PPC was introduced to rearrange the practice and increase the outcome.

You can put away the measure of cash to be put resources into SEO groups on PPC advertising and create a better yield on the investment.

3. Better Audience Targeting

In contrast to other advertising stages, this PPC gives a much-improved targeting on audiences. While advertising, you can pick your specific area and interest of individuals to increase better outcomes.

Advertising without targeting is a senseless error of promoting that could lead your business to a significant misfortune. So to reduce the disaster, PPC had brought an advertising technique where you can focus on your crowd who are genuinely inspired by your item and administrations you give. It will radically increase the number of leads and conversion to your business.

4. PPC Is Measurable & Trackable

Measurable and trackable element on advertising is likewise an incredible advantage given by PPC Marketing. Here you can measure and track your day by day updates and result through your Google ad campaign.

PPC Marketing shows a bit of detailed data about the traffic that is created inside a day and the number of leads produced.

Likewise, you can follow your performance whether the promotion is setting off to the opportune spot or not. Just advertising through PPC is direct and straightforward.

5. More Audience

We realize that Google is the most significant search engine that holds billions of audiences. Consistently, 3.5 billion users are dynamic on Google.

Along these lines, having a top spot on such a packed search engine, without a doubt, get you massive amounts of a crowd.

6. Increase Brand Awareness

Keeping steady over a search engine is, without a doubt going to get a large number of impressions consistently. Regardless of you don’t get clicked, despite everything, you still get an idea of individuals.

At whatever point the famous keywords of your Google ads are looked on Google search engine, your image Ad is shown, which incorporates the brand name and short portrayal. For the various quantities of times, individuals will naturally begin to realize your image name.

7. Pay Just For Clicks

Google PPC gives you a reasonable advertising technique where you just need to pay for the clicks on your promotion. In the event that there is no snap, there is no installment. You can keep steady over Google SERP with no expense.

You can unreservedly have brand mindfulness and get the impression of millions without paying a dime to Google.

8. Cost Measurable

Advertising with Google provides you the freedom to choose your required cost of investment and also helps to control your PPC costs on your own will.

For the desired keywords, you can place your desired amount of bidding. You can also choose the specific amount of money to spend daily wise on your Google ads campaign.

Suppose the keyword you are currently bidding isn’t profitable and generates low leads. If so, you can immediately reduce or remove the amount of investment on that particular keywords.

Unlike other traditional methods of marketing, this online technology helps to keep the continuous track of your budget spent and revenue generated.


PPC Marketing is for those publicists who desires for the quickest outcome and who are exhausted waiting up a long time to get leads and conversion. Thus, after reading this article may have improved your insight in regards to PPC Marketing and its significance in digital marketing.

So, when are you starting to advertise on Google Search Engine?

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