Escape The Shadow Of Successful Parents

How To Escape The Shadow Of Successful Parents

June 20, 2022

Kids that have successful parents often find it to be both a blessing and a curse. Successful parents offer their kids luxuries and opportunities other kids do not receive.

What can often hold these kids back is feeling like they are always getting compared to their successful parents. These are the type of children that need to find a path of their own in life separate from their successful parents.

Steps That Kids Can Take To Escape A Long Shadow

Stefan Soloviev is a fantastic example of a young man who charted his own path in his younger years. Even though his father was incredibly successful, Stefan found his own way in his professional life.

He started as a teenager by parking cars in the garages in some of the buildings that his father owned. While he was using the benefit of letting his father find him a job, he was the one that did the work.

Like many kids, he went to college to study for a future career. He soon learned he did not like the experience, dropped out, and set out on his own to build his own professional life.

When you fast forward the story several years, Stefan was back in business with his father but this time as a successful businessman in his own right. The moral of the story is not to embrace or escape the shadow a successful parent casts. The point is that children must decide on their own how they want to interact with a successful parent.

Kids & Parents Need To Communicate Openly & Extensively For Long-Term Success

A lack of communication is one of the great stumbling blocks of any relationship. When a child assumes their parents know how they feel or parents believe that about their kids, there is the potential for disaster.

This problem can get severely exacerbated when a parent is quite successful. Young kids often don’t have the experience or vocabulary to express their trepidation to their parents. That is why it is incumbent upon a successful parent to make sure they are communicating with their kids regularly about their goals and ambitions.

Every parent wants their kids to succeed and flourish in their lives. When a parent is very successful, it is incumbent upon them not to be overbearing or manipulative when dealing with their kids. Work together to find a way to let the prosperity of your family benefit your kids without smothering them.

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