Keep Your Rock Saws In Good Condition

How To Keep Your Rock Saws In Good Condition

September 17, 2021

There are different tools used in digging, and a rock saw is one of them. Rock saws are useful tools mostly used by contractors in various constructions to do excavations and cut concrete. When considering the maintenance of rock saws, there are several things you need to do to put these tools in good condition for a long period. Buy good saws, and large excavators from credible companies to spend the least on maintenance. Such practices include:

Be Keen On How The Material Being Cut Is Flowing

As you continue using the rock saw to cut, it is vital to concentrate on how the material is spilling over when the digging is on. It will easily tell you whether there is a problem or not. The right digging and use of the tool should enable the concrete or material to flow outside the digging area. Failure to this, the tool could be experiencing a problem and may have lower performance when not addressed.

Look At The Condition Of Rock Being Cut

To keep your rock saw running for a long period, you should always consider the condition of the rock you are cutting. Ensure that you use the right size of the tooth for the right type of rock. This way, you will easily note how productive a certain rock saw is on a particular type of rock. You will also be able to monitor how much it will cut before it wears off.

Depending on the rock type, there are instances whereby you will be required to use Rock Saws Denver with large teeth while others would require quite smaller teeth. Rock saws with large teeth are highly recommended when excavating areas with sand to avoid eroding the tool’s teeth. They are also used in such areas, since the consumption of the material will be high. However, when you do not encounter such, be sure to incorporate the tool with smaller teeth to avoid high material consumption.

Pay Attention To The Tool’s Teeth

It is also one great way of ensuring that your tool remains in good condition for a long period. It is also the most important aspect that needs proper management. Good management of the teeth will always keep your production top-notch while at the same time ensuring that the tool does not wear off easily. When doing your excavations and cutting, be sure to use the tools with medium carbide. In most cases, large-sized carbide teeth hinder accurate penetration when digging. It will result in the machine being overworked for no good reason.

The other thing to consider to ensure that your rock saw stays in good condition is the number of teeth used while excavating. Always use a medium number or fewer teeth to make them more aggressive. Exceeding the number will hinder proper penetration and make the teeth wear within a short period. In this case, be sure to incorporate the right numbers to ensure that your tool lasts.


Excavation and cutting tools may be quite expensive. In this case, it is required that you put in the necessary measures to ensure they maintain a good condition. The proper condition of the tools ensures that productivity is consistent.

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