Stages Of Post-Construction Cleaning

Stages Of Post-Construction Cleaning

August 2, 2023

Post-construction cleaning is a tedious and time-consuming task. It’s also an important one. The cleanup process involves three phases. The first stage is the rough clean. It is done after the framing, plumbing and wiring have been installed. It includes removing large debris, trash and non-vacuumable items like stickers. The final phase is the touch-up clean. It takes place several days after the thorough cleaning. It clears lingering dust and wipes down smudges and fingerprints on surfaces.

Rough Clean

The first stage of post-construction cleaning is called rough cleaning. It happens once contractors finish installing electrical connections, plumbing works, and framing. Any larger construction waste and trash gets picked up and thrown away during this phase. General sweeping and vacuuming also take place. Cleaners may remove strikers from windows, doors, and appliances as well. They may also peel stickers from these items if they still have them on. Rough cleaning is important to ensure that floors and furniture are ready for installation when the next post-construction cleaning phase occurs. During this phase, cleaners remove dust and debris from walls, ceilings, floors, exteriors, bedrooms, kitchens, and cabinets. They also wash ducts, sinks, and toilets and sanitize smudge-prone surfaces.

Unlike rough cleaning, light cleaning doesn’t involve a deep cleanup of all areas and surfaces. It typically occurs a few days after the rough cleaning and focuses more on removing any larger debris left behind. The focus here is on sweeping and dusting, emphasizing cleaning touch-ups from the areas that were washed in the previous step. It includes removing glue and adhesive from stickers peeled off during rough cleaning. It is a very time-consuming process requiring specialized equipment’s help to do the final construction cleaning Delray Beach FL, properly.

Thorough Clean

This phase is performed after the plumbing, wiring, and framing work. The cleaners pick up all the solid debris that can’t be vacuumed, sweep up the dirt and debris from the floors, and remove stickers from doors, windows, and cabinets. During this phase, the cleaners also report any problems found to the construction managers so they can be rectified quickly.

It is the most important and time-consuming cleaning phase for post-construction cleanup. It involves re-cleaning everything the cleaners did in the first phase, but they give extra attention to kitchen and bathroom surfaces like sinks, toilets, cabinets, floors, and air ducts. Depending on the complexity of the cleaning, it may take a few days to complete.

The last phase is the final cleaning, done several days after the second one. The touch-up cleaning stage is where the cleaners clear smudges from surfaces they didn’t get to in the previous cleaning phases. They also clean the garage, pressure wash concrete and outdoor surfaces, and wash windows. It is usually charged by the hour or per square foot. It is a specialized service only offered by a professional cleaning company. The price for this service will vary from one company to the next.

Final Clean

The cleaning crews will thoroughly inspect the building during the final clean phase. It is to ensure that it is ready to be occupied by its residents. It is also the time to remove any leftover trash, debris and stickers from windows and doors. Cleaning crews will sweep, mop and vacuum the entire construction site area. They will also clean the air ducts and wipe down windows, mirrors, doors and cabinets. It is the most labor-intensive phase of post-construction cleaning, but it is essential to the safety and health of anyone living or working in the building once it is finished.

This last phase of post-construction cleaning occurs a few days after the second. At this point, all the construction workers will have left the building and any dust or other residues will have had some time to settle. The cleaning crew will redo all their tasks during the rough clean but with more attention to detail, like wiping fingerprints off windows and doors. They will also clean the air ducts and the bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms. It is the final step in preparing your new space for its residents or employees. The building will be sparkling when it is complete!

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