The World's Best Handguns

The World’s Best Handguns: How Sig Sauer Does It

August 2, 2023

Whether deployed on the battlefield by military and law enforcement professionals or the sidearm of choice for concealed carry by private citizens, Sig Sauer makes pistols that are the best in their class. In 1985, SIGARMS was established in Virginia to import and sell handguns. The American division moved to New Hampshire and now focuses on domestic production.

The Story Of Great Minds

In the hands of a professional shooter, Sig Sauer pistols deliver the ultimate performance and reliability. These rifles have various Sig factory parts for sale and upgrades to satisfy their demands. They were engineered to meet the exacting standards of military and law enforcement experts. For example, a soldier may mount a suppressor or tactical flashlight on his weapon. Or a police officer may opt for a new sight that provides visibility in low-light conditions by incorporating fiber optics and Tritium. Whether used on the battlefield or protecting law enforcement as their official duty sidearm or enjoyed as the weapon of choice by private citizens, every gun bearing the SIG Sauer name is built to their precise exacting standards and undergoes rigorous quality control testing. It’s the story of great minds working together towards a common goal: to make the best guns in the world.

The Design Process

While the United States imposes mandatory standards for candles that burn too tall, fleece pajamas that cut infants and classroom chairs with loose welding, firearms are exempt from consumer safety rules. Manufacturers of weapons are forced to rely on national standards established by the NIJ and SAAMI, whose testing procedures are developed by manufacturers.  Sig’s engineers can quickly identify problems with visual data captured by the ATOS machines. They use that information to make quick changes during production. After the brass, powder and projectile are assembled into a cartridge, they enter a sound-insulated room with more vibration machines and special plates. The plates feature open funnels that guide completed cartridges into the plastic trays inside ammunition boxes.

The Materials

Sig Sauer uses high-grade aluminum and steel in their guns to ensure that they can withstand the rigors of everyday use and frequent shooting. They also provide their firearms meet rigorous quality and reliability standards. This dedication to quality has made them a favorite of military forces and law enforcement worldwide. Sig Sauer believes that their firearms should perform as intended, regardless of who’s using them or under what conditions. The company expanded its product line after winning the XM17 Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition hosted by the Army in 2017. Sig Sauer developed a new slide with a Picatinny rail and a removable breech block as part of that project. It allows users to quickly and easily replace the breech block for various attachments, including lasers, lights and sound suppressors. The new slides are also machined on a CNC mill rather than being stamped like older models. It allows for more precision engineering and a higher level of reliability.

The Testing

Unlike cars or consumer electronics, guns are exempt from federal safety regulations. The National Institute of Justice, an arm of the Department of Justice, and the trade association SAAMI conduct compliance testing for law enforcement pistols. Still, neither requires manufacturers to include specific safety mechanisms or submit their guns to endurance testing that evaluates a weapon’s performance over prolonged use. When the Army began testing Sig Sauer’s P320, they discovered that it would discharge when dropped at certain angles. The company knew this but won the Army contract anyway and sold the civilian version without a fix, a CNN investigation has found. Police officers are required by department policy to carry their holstered sidearms at all times, so when they drop their guns, it can have life-changing consequences.

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