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How To Update Old Curtains In Your Bedroom

June 4, 2021

If you’ve lived in a home or apartment long enough, you know you’ve looked at that old set of curtains hanging in your bedroom and thought, “those things have got to go!”

Having old decor in your house can make you feel like you’re in a time capsule with no chance of escape. And your curtains are no exception.

But you don’t necessarily need to go and spend a bunch of money on a set of new curtains for your bedroom.

Instead, use these tips to update them for a fresh, new perspective.

Mount New Curtain Rods

When updating your curtains, the first thing that comes to mind might be to change the curtains themselves. However, you can save some time and effort by keeping your existing curtains and swapping out the hardware, rods, and finials.

Another way to change how your curtains look in the room is to hang them higher above your window frame. This can create the illusion of a taller ceiling, but it will only work if the curtains are long enough.

Don’t worry if your curtains aren’t long enough to do this. A quick DIY project can tailor them to be a perfect fit.

If you’ve got a sewing machine, add another fabric panel to the bottom of your curtains. This extra panel can be whatever you’d like – a contrasting solid, a print, or the same color but in a different texture.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, make sure you have some time and patience. Sewing by hand is more time-consuming than it is difficult.

Pour yourself a glass of wine and listen to your favorite music while you sew!

Add Layer

When sprucing things up a bit, sometimes all you need is a little nuance.

Instead of getting rid of your curtains, add depth and dimension by adding a sheer layer underneath.

Pull back one layer and make your bedroom look like one from the movies. Open the window, let in the breeze, and see how open and airy your room feels.

Use tie-backs and only tie back the exterior layer, giving your bedroom a regal and elegant feeling. It also adds some privacy while being able to see past those heavy curtains!

If you don’t have tie-backs, there’s a DIY project for that. Tie your curtains back with some rope, twine, hair ties, twigs, pompoms, silk flowers, or anything you can think of!

Add Some Trim

If you do decide to update your bedroom curtains, you might as well go all out and add some decorative trim!

You can find taping, piping, pompoms, silk flowers, and other trimmings at most fabric shops or arts and crafts depots. Simply shop around and find one that you like!

If you have a sewing machine, it’s easy to add decorative trim to a boring old pair of curtains. If you don’t, take your time, and it’ll be worth it!

Add trim on the inside or outside of the panel or along the top or the bottom. It all depends on how much trim you want to use.

Get creative and make a design you love since you’re going to be hanging this in your bedroom!

Paint Them

If you’re tired of your old curtains and are ready for a new color, painting them is a fantastic option. And all you really need to do so is fabric paint.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to find curtains in the exact color that you want. So why waste time looking when you just need to find the right color paint?

Fabric paint can make any curtain look brand new. You can paint the entire curtain or just sections of it.

Paint horizontal stripes, paint an all-over pattern or use a stencil to create a specific design. You can almost completely customize your old bedroom curtains!

The thing to remember is space. You’ll need to be able to spread your entire curtain out, so make sure you have the space to do it.

This could be a tricky project if you live in a tiny apartment, but not impossible!

Tie-Dye Them

Is this a flashback to the ‘90s? I think not! Tie-dye is a massive trend in fashion and home decor, and it doesn’t have to remind you of those tie-dyed T-shirts from summer camp.

Like fabric paint, you’ll need to have space to lay your curtains out and something to cover your carpet or floors. You don’t want to dye anything accidentally!

The Shibori method is a great way to make an old pair of solid curtains look new again.

Simply put, this technique involves folding, twisting, and tying the fabric in specific ways. You then dye it to produce various colorful patterns.

Try this simple Shibori method:

  • Fold your curtains up like an accordion
  • Fasten them with rubber bands
  • Dip them in the dye to create a striped pattern
  • Twisting them from the center will create a swirl pattern.

If you don’t like traditional tie-dye patterns, you can always try out the ombré or dip dye instead. These patterns are much simpler and still look great!


Before you give up on your set of old bedroom curtains, make sure you give these tips a try. There’s always something more manageable to try that can accomplish the same end goal.

Simply swapping out the hardware or adding a layer of sheer white can make them feel brand new again.

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