Maintaining Health At An Assisted Living Facility

Maintaining Health At An Assisted Living Facility

February 2, 2023

The things that were important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle when you were 20 are no different from what is required when you turn 60 or 80. A healthy diet, adequate exercise, staying hydrated, keeping the brain active, getting enough sleep every night, and taking care of your mental health are all important aspects of living your life at a peak, whatever your age. However, as you age, deteriorating memory and declining physical health become more likely. What can you do as a senior to ensure the best health possible while you stay at an assisted living facility? Let us take a look.

The First Priority

Water is the number one essential item that everybody needs, simply to survive. On the one hand, good hydration has been shown by research to link with a longer lifespan, being prone to fewer chronic diseases, and to be overall in better health. On the other hand, poor hydration produces exactly the opposite results.

While the general opinion is that you should have eight glasses of water a day, based on what we were advised decades ago, newer findings paint a different picture. The hydration needs of each person are not identical, for example, age, climate, exercise, or illness may change your requirements. Here are the latest guidelines.


As we age, many of us turn aside from regular exercise routines until the only activity we get is doing our household chores. However, the CDC has outlined the requirements for seniors 65 years old and up. If you still live at home, this will require a lot of self-discipline. However, being at an assisted living facility can provide you with more opportunities to live a healthy life by offering various forms of exercise. These activities will be tailored to the health levels of individuals, for example, chair or pool exercise sessions for residents with mobility and joint issues. Having other seniors around can motivate you to start exercising. It can be immense fun to exercise with friends.

A Healthy Diet

You have no doubt heard that a healthy diet includes green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruit, and lean fish or meat, with a low intake of fats. Indeed, this is the accepted outline of what the average person should eat, in conjunction with low consumption of sugary treats.

However, when you move into an assisted living facility, you have little control over the meals that the chefs prepare. Many such institutions pride themselves on top-notch dishes and see to it that residents follow a good diet. Before selecting a facility to move into, make sure that this is the case.

You can also supplement your diet with Proplant Complete Shake and healthy snacks, such as seeds, nuts, and fruit. If you have choices at mealtimes, go for white meat or fish over red meat and ask the server to remove any excess fat.

Mental Health

Use your mind daily. Doing crossword puzzles, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, drawing or painting, writing in a journal, crafting, etc., all exercise different parts of the brain. Avoid depression by making use of the opportunities for friendships and shared activities. Isolation leads to depression.


Getting a good night’s sleep is essential if you are to bounce out of bed cheerfully the next morning. And even if bouncing is beyond you, proper sleep will promote good health and emotional wellbeing.

These few tips will keep you feeling younger and healthier for longer.

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