Online & Offline Installation Of RJDBC With R-Kernel & Conda

March 14, 2022

RJDBC is an interface package that implements DBI in R based on JDBC. Usage of the R kernel will help make JDBC connections to the databases. 


RJDBC is a distributed R-package permitting users to attach to an applicable JDBC driver for database linkage. It can be attained from the Standard R-package repository also known as CRAN. This is a free package that when combined with Progress DataDirect drivers, provides its users with a high-performing data access platform.


R is a statistical programming language used for data analytics. It’s free software that can be compiled on a variety of systems including UNIX, LINUX, Mac-OS Systems & Windows.

Basic Requirements for installing RJDBC:

  • R-Kernel
  • JDBC (a Progress DataDirect driver)
  • Conda can ease the process of installing the package. 

The process of installation of RJDBC can be achieved by both:

  • online
  • & offline

The online process will be aided by internet connectivity while offline can be attained without the involvement of the internet.

Let’s Comprehend How To Install RJDBC Package

For Online Installation of RJDBC:

Use the install terminal in the R environment to install the RJDBC package.

sh-4.2$ source activate R

(R) sh-4.2$ conda install -c r r-rjdbc

For Offline Installation of RJDBC:

In this, you need to install the required file formats priorly with the help of internet connectivity. You can use any version like Linux versions, UNIX versions, Windows,etc.

For instance, let’s understand the usage of 64 bit Linux versions.

Then upload the files from your device to the notebook instance which lacks internet connectivity. Here comes the usage of Conda connectivity. Use Conda to install packages further on.


Now use Conda to install the packages from file section *.tar.bz2.  

sh-4.2$ source activate R

(R) sh-4.2$ conda install openjdk-8.0.152-h7b6447c_2.tar.bz2

(R) sh-4.2$ conda install r-rjava-0.9_11-r35hcdcec82_1.tar.bz2

(R) sh-4.2$ conda install r-rjdbc-0.2_7.1-r351hf348343_0.tar.bz2

After this, you can compare the installed package in the kernel R with the library.

These are the basic steps to install RJDBC packages with the help of R-Kernel & Conda both online & offline. And you can achieve a high-performing data access platform for your device.

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