Pros And Cons Of ReactJS

Pros And Cons Of ReactJS & React Native

August 4, 2020

React Native and ReactJS are leading technologies deployed for mobile and web apps. They entered the market in 2011, and since then, there has been no looking back. Jordan Walke, a Facebook developer, created this thought to make special libraries for developing the interface with codes. JavaScript was used to create the app so that it provides more value to the end-user.

React Development Services are helping businesses today to make amazing apps with minimal coding and effort. Their primary objective is to develop a user interface that boosts the speed of mobile apps.

React Development Services And Their Primary Benefits

Following are the benefits of deploying ReactJS for your business:

Simple For You To Use & Learn

Developers with a background in JavaScript can use and learn ReactJS fast. It just takes some days to understand this technology and begin the creation of web and mobile apps. It is open-source in nature, and this helps the developer execute tasks in an enhanced manner.

Dynamic Web Apps Are Simpler

It is simple to make a progressive app for the web easily with ReactJS. The process is very complicated when you use HTML. Thanks to ReactJS, you get better functionality, and the developer can use minimal coding.

The Components Are Reusable

The web app with ReactJS comprises of several components. Each of them has its controls and logic. They are responsible for creating pieces of HTML codes that are reusable and small. It becomes more straightforward for you to reuse your app and maintain it in the future. 

Improving Performance

The Virtual DOM in ReactJS enhances performance. In the past, developers face a lot of issues when the DOM had to be updated. ReactJS resolved this issue with the introduction of the virtual DOM. It exists in memory and represents the DOM of the web browser. This boosts smoother and faster performance. 


You can get the help of some handy developer tools to execute tasks faster. These tools are available as Firefox and Chrome dev extensions, and with them, you can inspect the component hierarchies in the virtual DOM. You can choose specific components to check and edit their present props as well as the state.

SEO Friendly

Conventional JavaScript was not SEO friendly. This gave rise to multiple problems. These search engines cannot read-heavy apps written in JavaScript, and web developers have frantically complained about this issue. ReactJS can resolve this issue, and developers can easily navigate their apps on search engines. The reason being these ReactJS apps operate on the server.

JavaScript library 

ReactJS has a rich JavaScript library. It provides a lot of flexibility to web developers and helps them select the methods they desire.

Get Better Scope For Code Testing

ReactJS code apps are easy for you to test. The developer can not only test but can debug the code with native tools.

Hire React To Developers Who Are Experienced And Qualified 

If you want top-quality web and mobile apps, you should hire React developers from companies with proven track records. They will help you to get amazing apps for your business. The developers you hire should be aware and updated with the latest technologies in the market; however, ReactJS also has some disadvantages, and they have been outlined: 

  • High speed of development: This is both good and bad. The environment is so dynamic; it changes fast. Most developers are not ready to unlearn and relearn regularly. However, to stay abreast with the pace, they do need to be updated.
  • Documentation is poor: Due to conventional technologies being updated, changes accelerate so fast they cannot be documented. Developers need to deal with these super-fast changes and create their instructions for project releases.
  • View: ReactJS just covers the application’s UI Layers and nothing more. Here, you need to choose other technologies for getting a complete developer toolset for the project.
  • JSX: ReactJS deploys JSK that is a syntax extension that permits JavaScript with HTML to be blended. This methodology has advantages; however, some developers regard JSX to be a hindrance for beginners. 

The Advantages Of React Native

React Native in the present era is one of the most modern environments for developing mobile phone applications. The following are some of its key benefits:

  1. It uses JavaScript, which means you can easily find a web developer to work with any business project.
  2. Its modules and controls boost the performance of the apps. It offers unique codes with APIs that are native. This helps to enhance the total performance. 
  3. Infused with ReactJS components. It helps developers who cannot understand the native language. JavaScript helps them to work with the app efficiently.

Are There Any Downsides?

React Native does have some drawbacks. They are the following: 

  • Poor documentation: Like ReactJS, the documentation is poor, especially when the developer needs to use multiple tools.
  • Components of third parties: The library has several modules; however, the components offered by third-parties are minimal.
  • Stability issues: React Native is plagued with several problems like navigation problems, failures to reload, and problems with emulator.

Note, the purpose of ReactJS is to make considerable frameworks to manage data that is continually evolving. This library has several tools. It assists in the creation of simple, fast, and scalable web and mobile apps. ReactJS owes its creation to Facebook; however, thanks to its advantages, other companies are now embracing it to a large extent too.

With the help of React development services, you can create compelling web and mobile apps for your business needs. In this manner, you are effectively able to get a strategic edge in the market. Your apps can enhance value to the end-user. This does go a long way in establishing a brand presence and expanding your business with innovative web and mobile apps for better customer support and satisfaction!

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