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Scott Stoczynski Car Accident: Remembering His Life & Legacy

May 12, 2023

In a shocking incident, Scott Stoczynski passed away on July 16, 2022, following a car crash in San Antonio, Texas. He was a former football player and Vice President of First Trust Portfolios,  known for his work ethic, toughness, and pride during his time playing for North Dakota State University (NDSU). 

Stoczynski’s sudden death stunned his family, friends, and fans, who expressed their condolences through social media platforms. Nevertheless, those fortunate enough to have known him will keep his memory and accomplishments alive. A car accident lawyer from Boise, ID shares that there are 14.3 motor-related deaths per 100,000 people in the U.S.

Who Was Scott Stoczynski?

Scott Stoczynski was born in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, on September 8, 1988. He was a former football player who played for North Dakota State University from 2009 to 2011. His coach and friend, Tim Polasek, reported that he was known for his resilience and diligence during his time at NDSU. After graduating, he worked as the Vice President of First Trust Portfolios, an investment services company in San Antonio, Texas.

The Accident

Polasek announced Scott Stoczynski’s death on July 17, 2022, through Twitter. In his tweet, Polasek expressed his condolences and remembered Stoczynski as a “WARRIOR!” He said, “RIP Scott Stoczynski. He was a WARRIOR! I will always remember his work habits, toughness and pride. He was one of many who helped develop a strong culture. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

The cause of Stoczynski’s death was a car crash. His obituary stated that he passed away “in a car accident in San Antonio, Texas.” However, no further details about the accident were shared by his family or friends.

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Personal Details

Specification Details
Name Scott Stoczynski
Profession Former football player, Vice President of First Trust Portfolios
Date of birth September 8, 1988
Date of death July 16, 2022
Age 33
Birthplace Elk Grove Village, IL, U.S.
Parents Edward J. Stoczynski and Mary T. Stoczynski (Runnels)
Siblings 2 Sisters – Angela Zebro (Stoczynski) and Rebecca Stoczynski
Nationality American
  • Graduated Hoffman Estates High School in 2007
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration from North Dakota State University
Marital Status Engaged
Name of the Partner Morgan
Net Worth $2,00,000
Instagram stocz98

Scott Stoczynski Obituary

Following his passing, the family of Scott Stoczynski released an obituary to commemorate his life. His death was widely shared on various social media platforms, such as Reddit and Instagram. The loss was deeply felt by his loved ones, who went through a difficult time. Even his closest friends were taken aback by the news of his passing. 

One of his friends shared a tribute on social media, saying, “My significant other and I are close with Scott and his life partner, Morgan. Kindly petition God for Scott, Morgan, and Scott’s whole family and gathering of companions. We will constantly cherish you, Scott and Morgan!”

The Impact Of Stoczynski’s Death

Scott Stoczynski’s death left his family, friends, and fans in shock. His soon-to-be wife, Morgan, was devastated by the news. The NDSU Bison Footballers fan page also paid tribute to Stoczynski on Facebook, saying, “Tear to 2011 NDSU football player Scott Stoczynski who died in an auto crash. Our contemplations and supplications to your family from BisoNation….”. This tragic event highlights the importance of road safety and the need for skilled representation in such cases, something that the San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer is well-equipped to provide.

Stoczynski’s sudden death also sparked conversations about car accidents, which have been on the rise. Many people expressed their condolences and sympathy for his family and friends.

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