Common Causes Of Semi Truck Accidents

Common Causes Of Semi Truck Accidents

December 22, 2023

Semi-trucks are the biggest vehicles on the roadways. Their size means they can be harder to maneuver and control in unexpected situations. Because of the size and weight of the rig, it can take several seconds longer for a trucker to react than someone driving a car. Many car/semi accidents occur because smaller vehicles put a trucker in a position where they cannot act fast enough to recover. There are instances, however, where a truck driver may not act appropriately. When this occurs, your resulting injuries may entitle you to compensation.

Driver Fatigue

Since the introduction of electronic logs, truckers must follow a strict schedule that includes mandatory rest periods. That doesn’t mean they are always awake and alert while they are behind the wheel. If you notice a driver swerving or driving erratically, they may be overly tired and need sleep.

Blind Spots

Because semi-trailers are so large, they have several blind spots. If you are going to pass a semi, do it quickly and efficiently, so you don’t stay within their blind spots. It’s also a good idea to maintain a safe distance between yourself and a semi. The closer you are, the more likely you are riding in one of their blind spots.

Distracted Driving

Truckers can be distracted just like any other driver. Whether it be with their cell phone, radio, CB, or other issue, distracted driving in a semi can be deadly. Always be aware of how other vehicles are behaving on the road. If you think a driver may be distracted, maintain a safe distance.

Road Hazards

Road hazards like broken concrete/asphalt and loose gravel can make it very difficult for a trucker to control his rig safely. If you are in a construction zone, maintain a safe distance between yourself and any semis that may be on the road.

Aggressive Driving

Road rage is more common than many people think. An aggressive truck driver can cause an accident without much effort, especially if they are operating their vehicle aggressively. The bigger the vehicle, the more damage it can cause.

Improper Cargo Loading

Semi trailers or other cargo haulers that haven’t been loaded properly may tip easily making it more difficult for the driver to maintain safe and effective control of the vehicle. The driver may not be aware they are hauling an improperly loaded trailer.

Poor Maintenance

Most owners/operators take good care of their semis. Company-owned trucks sometimes fall through the cracks when it comes to servicing. Poor maintenance can lead to a breakdown on the road or an accident that involves several vehicles.

An accident involving a commercial semi must be handled carefully. Having a truck accident attorney on your case will ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a consultation to learn more about what will be involved if you file a personal injury claim. With the right attorney, you will have the representation you need to win your case.

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