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Signs You Need To Schedule Drain Cleaning Services Right Away

January 4, 2024

Modern plumbing systems have made society cleaner and healthier. Plumbing systems are surprisingly complex and there are many different parts and components. If the entire system is not well-maintained, it could lead to various issues and you may find that your property’s plumbing system is no longer working, or at least not functioning optimally. Let’s take a look at some tell-tale signs that you may need drain cleaning.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive and drains are only one component of any given plumbing system. If you believe your system is malfunctioning, it’s wise to call in plumbers as soon as possible. If you delay, you may end up with a big mess or severe property damage on your hands should your plumbing system fail. If you do think there is an issue, you should schedule drain cleaning Phoenix right away.

Things Are Draining Slowly

Perhaps the most obvious sign that you need drain cleaning services is if the water or whatever else is draining slowly. In such cases, it likely means that there is build-up within the drainage system or a part is malfunctioning. It’d be a wise idea to call in plumbers, so they can take a look. You might try at-home cleaning and declogging solutions, but these may fail to get the job done properly. Professional services typically offer the best way forward.

Things Aren’t Draining At All

Along with a slow drain, you may simply find that liquids aren’t draining at all. If this is the case, you’ll want to bring in professional plumbers as quickly as possible. If not, you could end up with some serious problems and hefty repair bills. Prompt service can mitigate risks.

There’s A Gurgling Noise

As liquid goes down the drain, you may hear a gurgling noise. This could be a sign of build-up within the pipes or drain or another issue. Even if it doesn’t seem like a big problem right now, without proper treatment, you could end up with more headaches later on.

You’re Smelling Foul Odors

Foul odors are another common and easy-to-pick-up sign of drain issues. Even if the drain is clearly out liquid quickly, you should have it looked at if foul odors are rising up through the drain. If nothing else, proper drain cleaning could protect your nose and may also prevent some health risks. At the end of the day, a smelly drain can become a nuisance.

Pipes Are Leaking

Clogged drains are more likely to result in leaking pipes. This could lead to big messes and potentially even health risks. This is especially true if it’s a sewage system that is failing to drain properly. Drain cleaning may reduce the risk of leaks. That said, additional plumbing services may also be needed to tighten or fix pipes.

Here’s What Could Happen If You Don’t Get Drains Cleaned

As you can see, a lot of different things could point to a need to get your drains cleaned. You might think that you can wait a few weeks or at least a few days before calling in plumbers, but this increases risks. A clogged drain can cause health hazards and a lot of property damage.

Real estate is a major asset for many families and businesses and if it gets damaged owing to poor plumbing, you could lose a lot of money. In some areas, prices have been skyrocketing, making it all the more important to protect your investment. Consider, for example, that property prices increased nearly 16% in the Phoenix, AZ, area in 2022 from a year prior.

By making sure that your drains are working properly, you can protect your family and your wealth.

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