Stress Management For A Healthy Heart

Stress Management For A Healthy Heart

November 23, 2023

Are you stressed out to the point of exhaustion? Do you often feel overwhelmed and overworked, tired and strained? Most people would answer an emphatic “yes” to these questions, at least at some points in their lives. This kind of excessive stress, however, can be hard on your health and especially on your heart, so you need to learn how to manage it. Try the following stress management tools for a healthier life and a healthier heart.


First, combat your stress with music. There is nothing like a favorite song to boost your mood and help you relax. So set up playlists that you can turn to when you’re feeling anxious. Have one of calming tunes that will help you close your eyes and rest for a while. But also build a list of energetic songs that will get you singing along and help you through long work days. You may be amazed by how much music can do to relieve your stress.


Meditation is also a proven stress reliever. There are many different kinds of meditation, everything from deep prayer to guided breathing exercises. All of them help you settle your body down, lower your heart rate and calm your mind. Talk to your pastor, a counselor, your family doctor or a cardiologist like Ian Weisberg for guidance in your particular situation.

Journal Writing

Have you ever had the urge to get something off your chest or the need to work out all the details of a particular problem? Then try journal writing. Whether you write by hand with pen and paper or type into a computer document, you’ll be able to express your deepest emotions, explore various scenarios or simply rant as much as you need to. If you aren’t sure how to get started, find a list of journal prompts, and then begin writing. Remember that there are no wrong ways to journal.

Friend Therapy

Finally, don’t neglect friend therapy when you’re trying to manage your stress. Sometimes a sympathetic, listening ear is just what you need. So connect with a friend for a chat or grab a cup of coffee capsules. You could head out to do some shopping or catch a movie, too, whatever you need to get the stress under control.

Manage Your Stress

So choose a couple of these stress management techniques, and get started on your journey to lower stress and greater calm. Remember not to get too rigid about managing your stress. That’ll just give you more stress! Instead, select your favorites, and work them into your life to lower your stress and make your heart happy and healthy.

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