Techniques For Tackling Math Homework

The Art Of Problem-Solving: Techniques For Tackling Math Homework

December 27, 2023

Many students fail to solve most math problems because of their inability to understand the task. It is more challenging because most of them fail to grasp concepts. Due to this, they stare at assignment papers with no idea about the approach to take. It is easy to get the method and answers correctly if students work harder to understand symbols and numbers. They need to understand the language used in the question to solve hard and easy math problems. Here are techniques to help you tackle your math homework.

Read The Question & Understand It

You might get many math problems to solve and solve them well if you understand the question. Many professors believe that math is not hard. They say many students fail in the subject because they either believe math is hard or they don’t read the question closely. If you understand the question, it is like you’ve solved half of it. You will understand the formula to use and the process to follow. Several questions can help you understand the question.

  •     What am I supposed to do?
  •     Is there missing information?
  •     How do I find the missing information?
  •     What concept will work best with this formula?

Once an assignment is given out, the teacher expects it to be completed and submitted on time. The teachers also want her class to show the method they use to get the solution. It proves the learners understood the question and what must be done to solve it. If you are not sure about how to write a paper, you can get a do my math homework service online. Contact an assignment expert who understands teacher expectations for each type of problem. Try to overcome the common and complex challenges most students face by hiring assistance from an academic website.

Here is an example of a simple math problem to help you understand the idea. Joseph had 10 pears. His 20 friends came to visit him. He wanted to give each 2 pears. How many extra pears did he need to buy?

This problem provides available information but also has missing information. You are supposed to give two pears to each visitor but you only have 10. You are supposed to solve the missing information which is “how many pears to buy.”

Think About The Best Solution/S

You can learn how to solve math problems if you learn to develop solution strategies. In the pears problem, for instance, you were supposed to solve the missing pears that Joseph must buy. You need to understand the answer you are looking for and the answer here is more pears. To get the solution, what you need is a formula to use. Think about whether you need to divide or multiply. You might decide to do addition or subtraction. You might also combine both. The formula you pick determines whether the answer you will get will be right or wrong. In Joseph’s case, he first needs to multiply the number of visors by 2 since he wants to give each 2 pears.

The answer will be 20 x 2 = 40 pears.

Since he already has 10, the next formula to use is subtract.

Take 40 – 10 = 30 pears.

Therefore, Joseph needs to buy an extra 30 pears.

Think About The Best SolutionS

Keep Trying Out

You may come across trick math questions that are harder to solve. What many students might do is try out once and give up. Most math problems cannot be solved with one approach only. You need to think of another way if the first one fails to work. This is where trying out multiple times comes in.

The problem might prove hard even after multiple attempts. However, you cannot give up yet since the teacher knows there is a solution to it. You may try to solve a different but similar question. Some math problems have multiple ways of solving them. Here is an example.

The sum of two numbers is 20 and they have a difference of 6. Solve the two numbers.

First solution.

Assume the numbers are x and y. If you add them, you get 20 but if you subtract them, you get 6. You can write them in these equations.

x + y = 20

x – y = 6

To solve them you can either add them to eliminate y or substitute x into one of the equations. Here are the two methods.

1.  (x+ y) + (x – y) = 20 + 6

2x = 26

x = 13

2. x + y = 20

13 + y =20

y = 7

Here are the answers to the two numbers.

If you add 13 + 7 you get 20.

If you subtract 13 – 7 you get 6.

So the answer is 13 and 7.


Many students believe that math is tough and solving homework is tedious. Mathematicians believe this is a perception issue and every student can solve most math problems. What matters most is the approach the learner takes. They need to have the right mindset and read the question several times to understand it. They must then get the best solution approach and solve the problem.

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