Choosing The Right Breast Form

The Benefits Of Choosing The Right Breast Form

June 29, 2023

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a life-altering experience. It can change your perception of life and what’s important. If you choose to have a full or partial mastectomy, it may also change how you view your body. The scars are a visible reminder that you have lost a part of your body that will dramatically affect your appearance. Some women embrace their new look. Others look for ways to make themselves look as normal as possible. Women can restore their pre-mastectomy appearance with the right prosthesis, or breast forms.

Personal Choice

For many women, the type of breast form they choose is a personal choice. Some choose breast forms that closely resemble their original breasts. Others may decide to go bigger or smaller. The shape they choose will fit their body type and looks as natural as possible. For some women, the choice may be to cover the scars and embrace their new look. Surviving breast cancer opens the door to self-expression. They can choose the breast forms that best suit their new life after cancer.


Breast forms are made from materials that offer the same feel and texture as your natural breasts. They are lightweight and fit snugly to your body. When the breast forms are in place, you want them to feel as natural and comfortable as possible. Choosing silicone breast forms is a popular alternative to undergoing reconstructive surgery. Breast forms are made specifically for you. They are custom-made, considering your unique body style.


The way a breast form fits your body will determine how natural they look and feel. If you feel that breast forms are the right option, an appointment with a professional fitting specialist will need to be scheduled. They will take the appropriate measurements and discuss your options with you. Although silicone is one of the most popular materials, others can also be used. You will want your breast forms to fit your body naturally.


With the right breast form, a woman can regain her self-confidence. Being able to look in the mirror and see that they’ve reached their physical ideal will restore their sense of self. Survivors of breast cancer especially will have a new lease on life. Those who choose breast forms over reconstructive surgery can choose the size and shape that gives them the look they want. They have the confidence to dress for success and look their best.

Visiting a breast forms shop in Florida will allow you to work with a fitting specialist who can help you find the right shape, form, and size that blends well with your body type. They will go over the different materials you have to choose from. Once your custom-made breast forms are finished, they will be fitted to your body to look as natural as possible. The fitter will adjust them so they fit comfortably and look beautiful.

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