Changing Needs Of Environmental Factors As You Age

The Changing Needs Of Environmental Factors As You Age

March 6, 2023

When you were younger, it is highly likely that you were perfectly happy to head out into town with little more than shorts and a thin top on and stay out all day and night.

Now, however, it is just as likely that you instead like to take a warm coat and wrap up tight when you head out for the evening, and this is just one example in a long line of natural and inevitable environmental changes that occur when you get older.


The dietary intake of an older person is also something that needs to be paid attention to because as the body ages, it needs different levels of various vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that were not required some years ago.

There are many elements that impact and affect the dietary needs of older people and the elderly, including, among a host of others, the following:

  • A lower level of income each month
  • The ability to absorb different nutrients
  • Interactions with medication and certain foodstuffs
  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • A reduced level of mobility
  • A breakdown of the immune system


The weather affects an older person in a far more obvious and dramatic fashion than it does younger members of the population, and as such, keeping a warm and comfortable temperature at home is of paramount importance.

Installing a wireless home thermostat is the ideal way of controlling the temperature of your home remotely, and what is more, you will even see considerable reductions in your energy bills, too, making it an affordable way of ensuring you only heat the rooms you are in at any one time.


Isolation and loneliness amongst older people and the elderly are often more prevalent than in younger people, and loneliness often affects people in a more serious way in the winter months and around Christmas time.

Humans are naturally social creatures, and therefore it is perhaps somewhat logical that a decline in socialization for older people can often lead to health issues or a risk of developing health problems.

Numerous research studies have time and time again conclusively proven that social isolation and loneliness in the elderly can put the individual at a higher risk of issues such as obesity, problems with the heart, depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, and high blood pressure.


Finally, the safety and security of older people are as important as they are for anyone of any age, but it has to be said that it appears as if older adults and the elderly are more at risk from scammers and thieves, both online via email and the internet and also from cold callers.

This is why it is strongly advisable, either as an older adult yourself or else as the loved one of an older person, to ensure that they are fully versed in internet safety and security and that they know never to fall for the various popular scams of the day.

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