Ferrari Maintenance Checklist

The Essential 6-Point Ferrari Maintenance Checklist

March 6, 2023

A Ferrari is a prestigious breed of car that’s the pride and joy of any owner, and they need to be treated with respect. Part of treating a Ferrari right is performing regular maintenance tasks to make sure she remains beautiful on the inside and out. If you’re unsure about what maintenance tasks need to be completed, continue reading below for the ultimate checklist.

Light Checks

Ferraris are designed to look fantastic, but you’ll need to put work in to ensure she doesn’t deteriorate from wear and tear. Part of this involves ensuring the lights work, as they help to bring everything together. Instead of being caught off guard while driving, fire up the engine and regularly check the lights. If you find that a light is out, make sure you get the correct bulb by consulting with a mechanic.

Topping Up Liquids

For your Ferrari to continue running smoothly, you’ll need to keep the oil levels sufficient. You will have received a manual with your Ferrari, which will tell you how to change the oil. If you’re unsure, check with a professional to avoid causing damage.

You will also need to keep the screen wash, power steering, brake, and automatic transmission fluids at an appropriate level. When topping up your Ferrari, make sure you use premium products only, as cheap fluids will likely do more harm than good.

Regular Tire Checks

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, around 33,000 accidents are caused by poor tire care. To prevent your Ferrari from turning into an accident waiting to happen, you’ll need to regularly check the tires for wear and proper inflation levels. If you need to have the tires replaced, it’s best to visit the European Exotic Center in FL because they stock the correct parts.

Battery Checks

Car batteries don’t last forever, and your Ferrari’s is no different. However, you can prolong its life by monitoring your driving style and keeping up with all of the relevant services. Additionally, when you’re not using your car that often, make an effort to fire up the engine and take it for a 30-minute spin.

Change Air Filter

Your Ferrari’s air filter prevents debris from entering the engine, which allows it to breathe and improves its overall performance. Over time, the air filter will become clogged up, which is why you need to carry out regular checks and replace them if need be. You can see the filth on an air filter by holding it up to the light.

Clean All Debris

Your car will attract debris while it’s driving, but this can damage a car’s insides and paintwork if left unchecked. Therefore, as part of your maintenance routine, be sure to thoroughly clean your car inside and out (including the engine).

Carrying out the above Ferrari maintenance tasks will keep it looking fantastic and driving smoothly. If you find any problems, it’s important to sort them straightaway to avoid causing further damage, which will be more expensive to replace.

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