Essential Documents Needed To Get An Alcohol License

Essential Documents Needed To Get An Alcohol License

March 6, 2023

Whether you’re an existing business or are establishing a new establishment, it’s important to understand the requirements for getting an alcohol license. You’ll need various documents to get your application approved and issued.

Liquor licensing laws vary by state. In most states, you must submit an application with supporting documents and a processing fee.

Business License

Whether starting your bar, restaurant or liquor store, obtaining a license is an essential part of the process. Alcohol sales account for around 30% of restaurant revenue, making them some of the highest profit industries in the country (and a good reason to go through the hassle of getting one).

If you’re planning on opening a new business that will sell alcohol, it’s essential to have all of the necessary documents ready before you begin your application process. This includes a completed application and payment of any required fees.

Alcohol license Dallas TX varies based on the establishment’s type of business and its activities. The review process takes about 22-26 weeks, but the agency can expedite this process for specific companies, typically in less than 30 days.

Certificate Of Incorporation

A Certificate of Incorporation, or CoI, is a vital document confirming a business’s legal status and registration with the state. It also protects company owners’ liability for their corporation’s debts.

Most states require businesses to file a certificate of incorporation before conducting business under that name. The title for this document varies from state to state, but it generally lists the name and address of the company, its purpose, and information about its directors.

Many states have official templates for a certificate of incorporation, which you can use to prepare the document. The template will include all the required information and can be printed or filed online.

To get a liquor license, you must apply for one with the city or county of your business. The process can take a while, so completing everything before the opening date is a good idea.

Tax Returns

To get a liquor license, you will need a variety of documents. These documents can include a detailed application, floor plans, building photos, and copies of your lease.

Depending on the state, you must also pay a licensing fee. These fees can vary from several thousand dollars for full liquor licenses to a few hundred dollars for beer and wine.

In addition, you will need to file an Alcohol Return and report to the Department. You can do this electronically through the Department’s website or mail it in. You must have an original signature of an owner, partner or officer on the return and report.


You must complete a lot of paperwork to obtain a liquor license in your state. You’ll have to include information about your business, owner’s names and addresses, tax ID numbers, building information, the nature of any entertainment or food you plan to serve, and other essential details.

The application process may take several weeks or even months to complete. Sometimes, the local authority will inspect your business and premises before approving you for a license.

Some states have a variety of forms and applications for licensing your business. These are available through the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) website.

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