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The Complete Guide To All-On-4 Dental Implants

August 10, 2023

If you’re missing teeth, dental implants can be a great solution. Traditional implants often require months of healing time and can require bone grafting.

However, the All-on-4 technique allows you to get a new set of permanent teeth within 24 hours. It also eliminates the need for bone grafting. This means that patients with poor jaw bone health who were not good candidates for traditional implant treatments can now get implants.

What Is All-On-4?

All-on-4 is a cutting-edge dental treatment that replaces natural teeth with an entire arch of fixed, permanent dentures. The implants fuse to your bone for a long-lasting, durable solution that improves your bite, speech, and overall quality of life.

Traditional implants require months of recovery and sometimes a bone graft, but All-on-4 allows you to restore your mouth within 24 hours. It also prevents jaw atrophy, a common complication of missing teeth.

However, All-on-4 Austin requires a dentist skilled in surgical and cosmetic dentistry. Otherwise, the implants could be positioned incorrectly. This may lead to pain, gum irritation, and a less natural-looking smile. A poorly positioned implant can also affect your bite and speech. The best way to avoid these issues is by choosing a dentist with extensive experience performing All-on-4 implants.

How Does It Work?

The All-on-4 dental implant procedure replaces the upper and lower arch of teeth with a permanent dental bridge secured to four screws. This allows for a more natural appearance and eliminates the issues with rubbing and movement seen with traditional dentures.

The procedure can be done in one visit with local or general anesthesia. The oral surgeon removes any remaining rotten teeth and decayed gum tissue, then places four screws in the jawbone. These act as anchors for the entire arch of acrylic or porcelain prosthetic teeth.

Once the recovery is complete, you can care for your All-on-4 implants like your natural teeth. Brush, floss, and use mouth rinses as directed. Regular checkups are also important. The dentist will monitor your implant site and provide any needed pain relievers.

Is It Right For Me?

For patients who don’t have healthy natural teeth or need them replaced, All-on-4 provides a durable solution. It can last 40+ years when properly cared for with routine oral hygiene and regular maintenance.

The Austin periodontist will evaluate your oral health to ensure you qualify for this treatment. They can identify areas of your jaw with poor bone density that may require bone grafting before implant placement, adding three to nine months to your total timeline.

Whether missing multiple teeth or an entire arch, this procedure offers a great alternative to traditional dentures. Having proper dentures can significantly improve your quality of life. With well-fitting dentures, you can smile confidently and enjoy a wider variety of foods that may have been difficult to eat before.

How Much Will It Cost?

If you’re looking for a permanent alternative to dentures, the All-on-4 procedure can restore your entire upper or lower arch of teeth in just one surgery.

Your doctor will place four titanium implant anchors into your jawbone to support your entire dental arch. These dental implants will be placed strategically to help eliminate the need for bone grafting.

Your dentist will secure your complete denture to the dental implants, and you’ll leave the office with a completely restored smile. The implants are so firmly attached that they won’t rub against your gums, causing painful mouth sores.

What Are The Benefits?

Missing teeth can harm oral health, causing bone loss and making speaking and eating difficult. Thankfully, the All-on-4 treatment concept allows you to restore an entire arch of missing teeth with just four dental implants.

The implant and denture process can be completed in a day. This means you will have your new smile after the surgery ends.

This type of implant also requires less maintenance than removable dentures. However, you still need to brush and floss your teeth regularly as you would with natural teeth. You can expect your All-on-4 implants to last 40+ years with proper care. The implants also help to prevent bone deterioration that can occur with traditional dentures.

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