Choosing The Right Bakery Case Manufacturer
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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Bakery Case Manufacturer

July 31, 2023

Bakery cases keep items at the proper temperature, encourage touch-free customer service, and act as a sneeze guard. Depending on your business needs, they come in dry and refrigerated models.

Dry bakery cases are ideal for products like donuts, cookies, and bagels that don’t require refrigeration. Refrigerated bakery cases are best for pies, cakes, and other baked goods that must stay cool.

Know Your Needs

A bakery display case is a great way to boost impulse sales. They protect your cakes, pies, and pastries from airborne contaminants while increasing visibility. Many different types of bakery cases are available, each with unique features.

The first step is to determine what type of bakery case you need. You can choose from dry, non-refrigerated bakery displays that merchandise non-refrigerated foods, refrigerated combination food displays that showcase dry and refrigerated items, or open refrigerated deli cases ideal for merchandising prepackaged and some deli products.

Refrigerated bakery and deli cases feature low temperatures that keep meats, cheeses, pasta salads, and other deli items at safe serving temperatures. These displays are perfect for convenience stores, grocery stores, and restaurants. They can also merchandise bottled beverages, sushi, yogurt parfaits, pre-made salads, wraps, and sandwiches. You can also find high-volume bakery and deli displays with sloped front Glass to maximize product visibility. They are easy to stock and clean, and the case height promotes face-to-face sales interaction.

Know Your Budget

Choosing the best custom bakery case manufacturers is vital to your store design. They display your baked goods in a way that encourages contactless customer service, showcases the variety of your offerings, and act as a hygienic barrier between customers and their food. They also keep items at ideal temperatures and allow for maximum visibility. As you prepare for your opening date, you’ll want to factor in the cost of these cases and your other storefront improvements, such as lighting and signage. Seating is another important consideration, as your customers will want to have a place to enjoy their treats.

Know Your Options

Bakery cases are a great way to showcase delicious treats while keeping them at ideal temperatures. They also encourage touch-free customer service, protect your food from contamination, and act as a sneeze guard for customers. Depending on the items you plan to display, they can be refrigerated or dry.

There are several options for bakery displays, including glass and acrylic bakery cases. Acrylic (also known as plexiglass) is less expensive than Glass but still looks great and offers unique design possibilities for your establishment. Additionally, several bakery display cases, like curved ones, have differently shaped glass fronts.

Refrigerated bakery cases are ideal for more perishable items, such as mousse cakes and fruit pies. These cases can be accessed from the front and back, allowing your employees to efficiently serve customers or self-serve cafeteria patrons. They are also available in various sizes and have customizable outside finish options. Additionally, many refrigerated bakery cases on the market choose between forced air or gravity coil refrigeration.

Know Your Options For Installation

Bakery cases allow you to showcase your cakes, pies, and pastries to entice customers or patrons into your business. They come in different varieties, including dry bakery displays and refrigerated bakery display cases. Some models provide dual, complete, and self-service options depending on your needs. Some bakery cases even have illuminated interiors to make your products look their best.

Choose a bakery case that matches your unique establishment. There are a variety of shapes and finishes available, so you’re sure to find one that fits perfectly in your space. The display shelves can be made of Glass, plastic, or metal, and the Glass may be curved or flat-fronted. Glass is the most traditional option, but acrylic (also known as plexiglass) can be safer and more durable for self-serve models. It’s also lighter and more precise than Glass and doesn’t have a green tint that can change the appearance of your food.

Regardless of your business type, a bakery case is an essential investment to keep your baked goods fresh and appealing to customers. It encourages touch-free customer service, keeps food at the ideal temperature, and acts as a sneeze guard to prevent contamination from unpackaged foods. Many manufacturers offer a wide selection of dry and refrigerated bakery display cases from leading manufacturers. They also carry combo bakery cases that merchandise both dry and refrigerated items to save you space.

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